Unions and Collective Bargaining

Unions and Collective Bargaining

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Updated Sep 04, 2018
Tammy isn’t sure how she feels about striking over pay and conditions. Collective bargaining, as Carol points out, is when employers and employees meet to discuss the terms of their collective agreement. Marcus tries to persuade Serena that the collective agreement for Cutting Edge staff is fair; however Serena is unconvinced -- noting that there is a picket going on. They realize that Casey is picketing Cutting Edge because Marcus and the staff forgot the anniversary of her pet ferret’s death. Marcus and Serena call staff together to discuss the problem, with the aim being “communicate, not escalate.” Meanwhile Carlos practices bargaining for better work conditions with “Sanjay” (Dion). Marcus placates Casey by promising that the office will henceforth commemorate Hercules’s life.