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As a world leader in learning technology, Go1 has worked extensively with governments to deliver innovative learning solutions to empower their workforces, as well as the society and citizens they serve. 
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Enhance workforce capability through employee-led learning

Go1 provides the simplest way to empower teams to take charge of their own learning online. With an extensive library of thousands of courses covering almost any topic, Go1’s diversity of training topics and providers not only allows learning managers to more easily source the right training for the right skill set, but also provides the opportunity to allow employees to self-service and find the training they need – when they need it.

Cross-silo capability, data and insights

Break down silos across government through consistent training from the Go1 Content Hub, across almost any learning platform in the world. The interoperability of the Go1 Content Hub allows governments to deploy learning across multiple platforms used by different departments and agencies, whilst maintaining a single source of truth for reporting, usage, uptake and engagement.

Simplify the cost, procurement and sourcing of training

Save time and money with Go1, by simplifying the process of sourcing, procuring and delivering training to your teams. With access to thousands of courses from hundreds of providers in a single subscription, finding training from some of the world’s best training providers has never been easier.

Empower your citizens through learning

With Go1’s ability to rapidly curate and deploy learning libraries to key audiences, we provide governments with the ability to address key social challenges through delivering stand-alone training initiatives for public consumption. Whether it be through evening the playing field for small businesses and their employees, through providing access to learning opportunities, or providing the unemployed with training opportunities from Go1’s learning library, Go1 enables governments to empower their citizens through learning.
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