Essentials - Leadership and team development - Do or Delegate

Essentials - Leadership and team development - Do or Delegate

Jenison ELearning
Updated Nov 07, 2018

Course Description

This course is about one of the most fundamental decisions you ever make at work - whether to do a piece of work yourself or delegate it. Delegation is the key to empowerment. This course explores the barriers to effective delegation, the benefits from delegating more, what should be delegated and what shouldn't. It also examines the choice of whom you should delegate to. As a result of this course you will want to delegate more.

Learning Objectives

Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to:

  • Identify the major barriers to effective delegation 
  • State the benefits of delegation to yourself, members of your team and the organisation 
  • Understand the parts of your job you should delegate and those you should do yourself 
  • Identify more opportunities for delegation than you do at present 
  • Make better informed decisions about who to delegate to 

Course Contents

  • Why Delegate?
  • What You Should Delegate
  • Delegate to Who?
  • Delegation Case Study
  • Including: Check my Understanding Tests and Full Course Test

Course Duration

90-120 minutes