Office 2013 - Excel Beginners - Page Setup Options

Office 2013 - Excel Beginners - Page Setup Options

Updated Nov 08, 2018

Learning Objectives

  • Use Headers and Footers 
  • Control page order 
  • Print column and row titles 
  • Change page orientation 
  • Scale the worksheet 
  • Adjust margins 
  • Centre a worksheet 

Course Overview

  • The Header/Footer options are used when you require the same data printed on the top or bottom of every page in the worksheet.
  • You can choose from Excel's built-in headers or footers or customise your own.
  • The Orientation box, in the Page section, allows you to select whether you wish to print down the page (Portrait), or across the page (Landscape).
  • The Scaling options allow you to shrink or enlarge the data on the printed page.
  • The Print titles options within the Sheet section are used to repeat column and row titles on every page of the printed worksheet.
  • The Margins section enables you to centre the worksheet horizontally or vertically and change the blank area left around the outside of the printed page.

Course Duration

35 minutes