Pathways - Developing Performance - Improving Performance

Pathways - Developing Performance - Improving Performance

Effective leaders are able to coach their employees to better performances at work. In this course, you will learn different management techniques you can use to work with poor, average, and top performers in your team, and will discover how to create action plans to improve employee performance. You will also learn strategies you can use to more effectively motivate your team.

Jenison ELearning
Updated Nov 08, 2018

Course Description

This course explores the different ways that the learner can improve or stretch poor, average and great performers, as well as ways to probe the reasons behind a particular level of performance.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to improve performance
  • Be able to motivate your team
  • Be able to highlight the consequences of not improving poor performance
  • Know the importance of an action plan
  • Recognise the use of motivation

Course Contents

  • Great performers
  • Average performers
  • Poor performers
  • What next? 
  • Thoughts
  • Follow-up

Course Duration

30 minutes