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Performance management gets the most out of your workforce by ensuring a key focus on them. After all, your employees are what keep your business moving forward.
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What are the objectives of performance management and why is it important?

Performance management is all about developing employees to make sure they’re as efficient and productive as they can be to allow them to reach their full potential. This development should focus on the employees while aligning with the overall objectives and goals of your business.

Effective performance management measures your business’ and your employees' objectives and aims to upskill your employees to ensure those objectives are met. Once your business has identified how employees can be developed you can train them to fill any gaps and improve overall efficiency and productivity. It increases the overall value of your employees and ensures they have all the tools, skills, knowledge, and accountability they need to succeed.

This differs from the usual appraisals and one-to-one reviews by involving employees throughout. It allows for open and honest communication and feedback which can improve trust and loyalty.

Another aspect of performance management is rewarding strong performances and results. Effectively utilizing incentives boosts efficiency and productivity, with even low-cost rewards being a useful tool for helping your business meet and exceed its goals.

Performance management isn’t a one-off project, it’s an ongoing process that allows your business to identify how employees are performing so they can learn and develop. It helps create a culture of learning within your organization and establishes your business as one that cares about its staff.

All of these aspects contribute towards engaging your employees so they consistently produce great work on time and on budget. Constant development also allows your business to attract and retain top talent within your industry which also means you can promote from within rather than rely on expensive and time-consuming recruitment.

What is performance management training?

Performance management training is the development of senior staff and managers within your business to equip them with the relevant skills and knowledge they need to implement performance management.

Performance management complements broader managerial skills and enables managers to focus on the learning and development of their teams so they can advance their own careers as well as fulfilling the needs of the business. A course gives employees the tools they need to effectively utilize performance management for the betterment of employees and the business.

Why is performance management training important?

Without performance management, you risk your business not developing your employees in the most effective ways. Similarly, without performance management training, your management team won’t have the knowledge they need to be able to develop employees in ways that benefit them and the business.

It ensures that everyone throughout your organization is aligned and understands the overall goals and objectives. This means the entire business is working towards a common goal and can work in unison to help make that happen.

What is the best way to learn performance management skills?

There are a number of ways employees can develop their skills and knowledge in performance management, each with advantages and disadvantages that may or may not fit within your business’s learning and development plan.

In-person training can be highly effective, whether undertaken by inviting a tutor to run sessions at your offices or externally. However, while employees can learn a great deal in a classroom environment, it can be both expensive and time-consuming.

Materials such as books, websites, and videos can also be great resources, although can quickly become out of date. However, it can be useful for introductions to the benefits of and fundamentals of performance management.

One of the most effective ways to learn performance management is via eLearning. Online courses are flexible and up-to-date, and with so many aspects to performance management, it offers employees the opportunity to get in-depth while not having to dedicate prolonged time away from their day-to-day duties.

The benefits of eLearning for teaching employees about performance management

As we highlighted above, eLearning is a flexible way to take performance management courses. eLearning course materials can be accessed as and when needed, and via any device, meaning learning can be done in and around other responsibilities when the opportunity arises. Therefore, learning doesn’t have to interrupt day-to-day operations. In fact, learning can be done at any time - even during the morning commute.

eLearning is also cost-effective and can be easily scaled. That way, any number of employees can all learn from the same course materials whether office-based or remote, guaranteeing consistency.

What are the best online performance management training courses?

There are plenty of online courses available, covering everything from the fundamentals of performance management to specific topics. That means, regardless of whether employees have prior experience, there are still plenty of opportunities to learn.

Train your employees today

Performance management is a great way to develop your employees and get the most out of your entire workforce. Go1 has a library of eLearning courses that can upskill employees throughout your business. For more information on how Go1 can support your learning and development program, book a demo with our team today.

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