Online training for startups and small business

As a small business or startup, the development of skills and adoption of learning by your employees can improve your business’ ability to grow and scale. The Go1 Content Hub and Go1 Platform allow you to easily roll out learning to your employees, without having to compromise on quality or quantity.

Your core training needs are covered

The Go1 Content Hub gives you access to a diverse range of learning courses designed to give your employees the skills needed to grow your business. Go1’s pricing ensures your employees will enjoy the same wealth of material as large enterprises. Go1 can assist in curating content into learning journeys unique to your organization.

In one simple solution

Rolling out the Go1 Content Hub is made even easier with the Go1 Platform, which includes industry standard reporting functionality to ensure you can track learner achievement against each course (SCORM and xAPI). There’s also a course creation tool so you can easily create and share your own content whether it be documents, audio, video, or your own interactive courses! Our course creation tool also provides you built-in assessment and quiz functionality, and we’re on hand to support you 24h to ensure you are optimized for success.
"The Go1 Content Hub is simple to use, it looks and feels like our brand, and the support is phenomenal."
Gabrielle FanningPeople and Culture Business Partner
"Staff get a lot of value from this individualised training. And as Go1 is accessible on all devices, they can easily access training wherever they are working from."
Michelle DuffyLearning and Development Coordinator
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