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The world of digital marketing is constantly growing and evolving as technology advances. In order to know how to fully utilise the potential of digital marketing methods, regular training is essential to develop new skills and adapt to changes. At Go1, we offer a wide range of online training materials covering all aspects of digital marketing ensuring that the resources you need are just one click away.
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10 reasons why a digital marketing course will help your employees and your business

Every business needs employees who understand the importance of digital marketing. Without it, it’s very unlikely your business will survive, let alone grow. Every single one of your efforts online is a form of digital marketing, from obvious efforts such as search ads and SEO, to the less obvious such as social media and YouTube content.

Everything you do online, whether it’s paid or not, represents your brand. Some efforts are more successful than others - and some can even be damaging. You may think your digital marketing is doing well, but it’s almost guaranteed that it could be doing even better.

That’s why digital marketing courses are so important. Upskilling, refresher courses and development are vital to allow digital marketers to stay up to date in what is a fast-evolving industry. You don’t want to be left behind while your competitors capitalize on changes to Google algorithms, or you’re late to the party adopting the latest social media trend or platform.

Why is digital marketing so important?

People are spending more time online than ever before, so digital marketing is vital in order for your business to find its customers. And in an ever-changing digital landscape, what works for you today may not necessarily work for you tomorrow. If you want your business to evolve and keep up with those changes it’s important to continuously learn digital marketing trends.

Even if you’re not looking to spend money advertising online (although there are plenty of reasons why you should) your website and your social media presence still need to follow best practices.

So why is digital marketing so important?

  • Identify your ideal customer and learn exactly how to get your brand in front of them
  • Build your online presence and establish your reputation
  • Increase your return on investment
  • Grow and develop your business
  • Make more money

These may seem like obvious advantages of digital marketing, but the importance of a strong digital presence can’t be overstated: if you want your business to grow and thrive you have to take digital marketing seriously.

Role of digital marketing in business

The role of digital marketing in business is a simple one: to bring traffic to your website, which will result in either leads or sales and hopefully repeat, high-value customers.

When it comes to digital marketing, a business has two primary options it can explore:

  • Develop an in-house digital marketing team
  • Hire an expert agency to work on your behalf

There is no right or wrong answer for which option is right for your business, or whether the avenue your business has already chosen is the most effective. Hiring an expert external digital agency will produce great results. However, you don’t have complete control over your activity (even though you of course will have the final say on decisions) and it may not be financially viable in this stage of your business’s life.

So, in order to ensure your business thrives, you may want to consider developing your existing team by offering them the opportunity to develop new skills in digital marketing.

10 reasons why learning digital marketing is important to your employees and your business

We’ve already discussed one of the major reasons why digital marketing is so important to your business. Without it, your potential customers will struggle to find you.

However, there are plenty more reasons why digital marketing is so important for both your business and your employees. Below we’ll take a look at 10 reasons why you should be investing in your digital marketing team.

1. Help customers find you

What do you do when you need a product, service, or an answer to a problem? Chances are you Google it. And when people search for a problem your business can solve, you want to ensure you appear high up in the results. Great digital marketing will make that happen - without it, you risk not making an appearance at all.

2. It’s cost-effective

A well-managed digital marketing campaign can be highly cost-effective and produce a solid return on investment. With digital marketing training you can ensure that your teams are fully trained on the latest trends to keep costs down.

3. Businesses of any size can use digital marketing

You don’t need to be a major business to compete in a digital space. Businesses of all sizes will benefit from digital marketing and help customers find you. With the right strategy in place, small businesses can even rank higher than large businesses - but you need to know what you’re doing.

4. Don’t fall behind your competitors

It’s almost a certainty that your competitors have a digital marketing strategy in place. And if that’s the case, they’re also almost certainly getting the attention of your potential customers. Don’t constantly play catch up - lead the way in your industry.

5. Communicate directly with your customers

Instantly interact with your customers on web chat applications or social media. A strong social media presence is a great way to build engagement and encourage repeat customers.

Digital marketing training will help your employees to understand who your customers are. Not just personas, but what makes them tick - who they are, what they like, when they like it, what makes them laugh, what makes them click like, what makes them click buy.

By listening to common questions posed to your business, you can make sure they’re answered ahead of time and decrease lost leads.

6. Easily scale up

Once you’ve established what works for your business, it’s relatively simple to scale up your efforts. By scaling up an effective digital marketing you’ll put your business in the best position possible to grow.

7. Grow your voice

When your business has a digital presence it allows you to find your brand’s voice. And your voice helps your employees and customers know who you are and what you stand for, which can quickly be picked up by new team members, too.

8. Give digital marketers confidence

The more training digital marketers receive the more skills and knowledge they have, and when they’re fully trained in digital marketing techniques they’ll be able to deliver better results in a shorter time frame.

9. Improve employee morale and retention

No employee wants to struggle in their role or feel like they’re being left behind. By encouraging them to undertake digital marketing training you’re providing them with everything they need to excel in their role. And when employees have a high level of job satisfaction they’re more likely to stay at your business and want to progress.

10. Help other employees understand the importance of digital marketing

Digital marketing skills shouldn’t just be reserved for members of the digital marketing team. Other team members, such as those in customer service or sales, will need to understand the brand’s voice in order to maintain it when speaking to customers and potential customers.

Digital marketing training can also help with communication skills, including writing and editing.

How to do a digital marketing course

It can sometimes be difficult to arrange for teams to attend a digital marketing course. Finding a date, time and location that suits everyone can be a logistical challenge - not to mention expensive and time-consuming.

An ideal solution is by offering employees the opportunity to study a digital marketing course online. Online courses allow students to study during times that suit them, in between tasks or in periods of downtime, or even during evenings if they wish.

Courses are designed to be picked up whenever employees can fit learning and development into their schedules. And because the course materials are all delivered instantly digitally, everyone is guaranteed to receive the exact same training even if they’re not together.

What is a digital marketing course all about?

A digital marketing course is designed to teach employees the necessary skills in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your digital marketing efforts.

Online digital marketing courses are available for beginners or professionals as a way to learn, upskill and develop. Courses can cover a wide range of topics or focus on a specific subject depending on what the employee wants to learn.

For more information, Go1 has a wide range of digital marketing courses available.

Is it worth doing a digital marketing course?

Courses in digital marketing teach employees new skills which benefit your business, so they are absolutely worth doing.

Or, if you’re looking to start a career in digital marketing, an online course is essential to teach you the fundamentals and help you attract the attention of hiring managers.

Blogs, websites, YouTube tutorials and books can be useful, but with online courses you can be confident you’re learning up-to-date information from industry experts.

What is taught in a digital marketing course?

Depending on the level and topic, courses on digital marketing can cover:

  • Market segmentation
  • Personas
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Email marketing
  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Metrics and measuring success

Some courses will cover a range of these topics, whereas others will take a deeper look into a single topic. 

Digital marketing courses for beginners

Digital marketing courses for beginners will introduce students to the fundamentals, and are the best way to learn digital marketing if you have no prior experience. They’re also handy as refresher training courses to ensure employees are always working to best practices.

Handy courses for beginners include:

Digital marketing courses for professionals

As well as studying to refresh their knowledge, existing professionals will also want to take digital marketing training courses to upskill and develop. Courses for professionals include:

What are the best digital marketing courses?

More of the best digital marketing courses, accessible to newcomers or professionals, include:


Can you take a digital marketing course while working?

Yes, online digital marketing courses are designed to be self-directed, so students can learn when it’s convenient for them. It’s an ideal solution for busy teams who may struggle to get time together for training, but still want to learn from the same course materials.

How long does digital marketing training take?

This depends on the course. A crash course will take a shorter amount of time to complete than a comprehensive, advanced course for example.

It also depends on the amount of time a student has to dedicate to learning. The more time they have to study, the quicker they’ll complete the course.

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