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SLA/ Service Level Terms

Effective from November 8, 2023

Last updated December 13, 2023. Go1 Services licensed prior to November 8, 2023 are governed by legacy versions available here and here.

This Go1 Support Services Agreement (“Support Terms”) describes Go1’s support for current offerings and Go1 Services. These Support Terms are governed by the Customer Terms and the applicable Order Form. Go1 may update or modify these Support Terms at any time in its sole discretion by posting a revised version here. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any updates or modifications to the Support Services will not materially diminish Go1’s responsibilities or your rights.

Capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the same meanings found in the Customer Terms agreed to by the parties or otherwise made available here: https://www.go1.com/terms/customer-terms.

Subject to payment of the applicable Fees and compliance with the applicable, Go1 will provide the following support services and Service Availability Commitment with respect to the Services (“Support Services”):

1. Support Commitment

1.1 Definitions:

1. Incident: means an unexpected failure or degradation in the quality of the Services which is reported to Go1 by you.

2. Excluded Services: means:

  • a. Support for any issues resulting from third-party content or third-party software, and
  • b. Support for any issues resulting from computer desktop/mobile device hardware and software or company network related issues including but not limited to Customer Equipment.
  • c. Support for any issue resulting from your failure to use the Services within specified guidelines and documentation.

3. Service Request or Enquiry: means a request made by you to Go1 to assist an End User with the functionality of the Go1 Service.

4. Response Times: means Go1’s response commitments as described in the Incident Priorities and Initial Response Times table in Section 1.6 below.

5. Service Restoration Target: means Go1’s targeted time commitment to restore services as outlined in the Incident Priorities and Initial Response Times table in Section 1.6 below. Service restoration may be a permanent fix or a temporary workaround to allow continued use of the Services.

1.2 Support Channels

Support requests can be raised through the following support channels:

  • a) Chat – click on the chat bubble within your portal or the Go1 website
  • b) Online ticket – create a ticket in the Go1 ticketing system

1.3 Incident Priority Matrix

- Priority 1/ Urgent

A critical error or emergency causing Go1-hosted Service to be inaccessible by all users, including key functional components.

Examples include:

  • all Go1-provided web applications are inaccessible;
  • End Users are unable to login across multiple Go1 portals;
  • access to content has been limited in a way which impacts all users or customers
  • SCORM functionality is not working as designed across entire platforms.

- Priority 2/ High

Key functional components of the Services are unavailable to a majority of users in a single portal, or a limited number of users across multiple portals.

Examples include:

  • access to content has been limited for multiple users within a customer tenant of Go1.
  • End Users are unable to access a specific portal.

- Priority 3/ Normal

A disruption to a non-critical component of the Services, for a limited group of End Users.

Examples include:

  • reports are not generating correctly for a portal administrator.
  • End User fails a Course but is still awarded a certificate.
  • all required learning objects are completed but a certificate is not awarded.
  • quiz and SCORM completion issues (that can be replicated).

- Priority 4/ Low

Minor service disruption and/or general product and content feedback and support

If the issue does not meet any of the above criteria it will be categorized as a minor issue.

Examples include:

  • Portal design schema issues such as image dimensions, color, layout
  • Typing mistake.
  • Color slightly off.
  • Different font types.

1.4 Your Obligations

You will designate one or more support contacts (administrators) that are authorized to engage Go1 Support Services and will provide commercially reasonable cooperation and information to Go1 with respect to the furnishing of Support Services.

1.5 Go1 Obligations

Go1 will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to Incidents as set forth below in the Incident Priorities and Initial Response Times table to the extent such incidents are not the result of Excluded Services, all as reasonably determined by Go1.

1.6 Incident Priorities and Initial Response Times


2. Service Availability Commitment

2.1 Definitions

1) Service Availability/Availability: means when Go1 indicates that you can access the Services on the production environment via the internet as a proportion of the total time available in the applicable calendar month for which Availability is being calculated (“Calendar Month”).

2) Business Day: means a 24-hour period determine by the date identified in the capital city of your location (as identified in the address in the Order Form or updated by notice from you to Go1 from time to time).

3) Business Hours: means between 8.00am and 8.00pm local time on Business Days.

4) Downtime: means the minutes during the Calendar Month when the Service is not Available to you, except any Excluded Minutes as outlined below.

4) Excluded Minutes: means the minutes that the Services are not Available caused by one or more of the following:

  • a) acts or omissions of you, your agents, employees, or contractors, or acts or modifications as directed or authorized by you, or breach of the terms of the Agreement that apply to the Services;
  • b) Your failure to adhere to Go1’s applicable specifications and guidelines, including hardware or software configuration necessary to meet minimum system requirements for the Services;
  • c) Unusually high usage volumes for which you and Go1 did not previously agree in writing to a process to allow Go1 to make accommodation for such increase in demand unless otherwise agreed to in an Order Form; or
  • d) third-party software, content, hardware, or services not provided or controlled by Go1, including Customer Equipment, infrastructure, and internet links or events beyond Go1’s reasonable control, including but not limited to force majeure events, any law, regulation or order issued by the government, or any agency or department, which, in the reasonable opinion of Go1, effectively prohibits or restricts Go1 from offering the Services, or imposes significant additional costs on Go1 to provide the Services, in the territory.

5) Maximum Uptime: means the total minutes in the Calendar Month (e.g. 44,640 minutes in the month of July) minus Maintenance Minutes during the same Calendar Month.

6) Maintenance Minutes: means the number of minutes elapsed during maintenance performed by Go1 that results in the Services not being Available as provided via status.go1.com.

7) Minimum Uptime Percentage: means 99.5% during Business Hours.

8) Period of Exceptionally High Utilization: means a >50% increase in the number of logins processed by the Services above the normalized daily activity patterns (i.e., the greater of the average daily usage pattern for the prior 30-day period, excluding any Period of Exceptionally High Utilization, or the contracted activity volume).

9) Uptime Percentage: means the Maximum Uptime minus Scheduled Downtime and Unscheduled Maintenance and divided by Maximum Uptime.

2.2 Go1 Commitments

If during any Calendar Month of the applicable License Term, the Uptime Percentage for Services is lower than the Minimum Uptime Percentage, and you notify Go1 in writing (through your Customer Success Manager, as applicable) about such Downtime, Go1 shall:

  • investigate the underlying causes of the Downtime;
  • create a cause analysis of the Downtime;
  • create a plan which identifies the activities that Go1 will carry out to allow the Uptime Percentage to be achieved; and
  • implement the plan.

To the extent any plan identifies activities that you or your third-party vendors must carry out to allow the Uptime Percentages to be achieved, you must complete, or use reasonable efforts to ensure its vendors complete those activities in accordance with such plan.

2.3 Maintenance Services

During the Calendar Month, Go1 may from time to time (or as agreed to by the parties) perform schedule maintenance of the Services -including maintenance related to materials or equipment used for providing the Services- which may limit or disrupt access to the Services (“Scheduled Maintenance”). In addition, Go1 may in its sole discretion need to perform emergency or unscheduled maintenance from time to time (“Unscheduled Maintenance”). Go1 will use reasonable efforts to inform you in advance of such interruptions.

2.4 Escalations

For issues related to support services, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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