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SLA/ Service Level Terms

The GO1 Support Services Terms and Conditions (the “Support Terms”) describe GO1’s current offerings and support policies for the Services. GO1 may modify these Support Terms at any time in its sole discretion by posting a revised version here. Notwithstanding the foregoing, GO1 agrees that there will be no material diminishment in the benefits provided to Customer under these Support Terms during Customer’s subscription Term (as set forth in Customer’s Order Form). In the event of a conflict between these Support Terms and the Customer’s commercial agreement with GO1 (for the subscription of one or more GO1 Services), a copy of which is available at Customer Terms (the “Agreement”), the Agreement shall control but only to the extent of such conflict. 

Capitalised terms used in these Support Terms and not defined below take their meaning from the Agreement. 

Subject to Customer’s payment of the applicable Subscription Fees and Customer’s compliance with the Agreement, GO1 will provide the following support services with respect to the Services (“Support Services”): 

1. Support Commitment 

1.1 Definitions 

1. Incident: this is an unexpected failure or degradation in the quality of the Services which 

is reported to GO1 by Customer

2. Excluded Services: 

  • a. Support for any issues resulting from third party services or third party software 
  • b. Support for any issues resulting from computer desktop/mobile device hardware 

and software or company network related issues 

3. Service request or Enquiry: a request to assist a user with a functionality of the Service

4. Response Times: GO1 endeavors to respond as stated in the Incident Priorities and 

Initial Response Times table in section 1.5 

5. Service Restoration target: GO1 endeavors to restore services as stated in the Incident 

Priorities and Initial Response Times table in section 1.5. Service restoration can be a permanent fix or a temporary workaround to allow use of the platform to continue. 

1.2 Support Channels 

Incidents and enquiries can be raised through the following support channels: 

  • Chat – click on the chat bubble within your portal
  • Online ticket – create a ticket in our ticketing system
  • Telephone specifically for critical or emergency issues – see your local number on the 


1.3 Incident Priority Matrix Priority 1/ Emergency 

Priority 1/ Emergency

A critical error or emergency causing GO1-hosted Service/s to be inaccessible by all users, including key functional components. Examples include: 

  • all GO1 portals are unable to be accessed; 
  • students are unable to login across multiple GO1 portals; 
  • all courses or learning items are not displaying across multiple GO1 portals; 
  • SCORM functionality not working across entire platform/s. 

Priority 2/ Critical 

Key functional component of the application or service is unavailable to the majority of users in a single portal, or a limited number of users across multiple portals. Examples include: 

  • multiple clients cannot access courses on portals; 
  • Users are not able to access a specific portal. 

Priority 3/ Major 

A disruption to a non-critical component of the system, for a limited group of students. Examples include: 

  • reports are not generating correctly for a portal administrator; 
  • User fails course but still awarded a certificate; 
  • all required items completed but award not complete; 
  • quiz and SCORM completion issues (that can be replicated). 

Priority 4/ Minor 

Minor service disruption. 

  • If the issue does not meet any of the above criteria it will be categorised as a minor issue

Priority 5/ Trivial 

No real impact on an end user or admin. 

  • Typing mistake.
  • Colour slightly off. 
  • Different font types.

1.4 Customer Obligations 

Customer will designate one or more support contacts (administrators) that are authorised to engage Support Services and Customer will provide commercially reasonable cooperation and provide full information to GO1 with respect to the furnishing of Support Services. 

1.5 GO1 Obligations 

GO1 will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to Incidents as set forth below in the Incident Priorities and Initial Response Times table to the extent such incidents are not the result of Excluded Services, all as reasonably determined by GO1. 

1.5 Incident Priorities and Initial Response Times 


2. Service Availability Commitment 

2.1 Definitions 

1) Service Availability: the amount of time a Service is available to Customer as a proportion 

of the total time available in a given month.

2) Scheduled Availability: the total number of hours in a given month, less any scheduled 

maintenance times.

3) Service Level: the target of Service Availability in %

4) Scheduled Downtime/Maintenance: this is required maintenance or service procedures 

which may limit or disrupt access to a Service. Customers will be notified at least 1 week in advance of the scheduled event.

2.2 GO1 Commitments 

Service Level target for Service Availability: 99.5% 

Service Level Failure: If GO1 fails to meet a Service Level Target (“Service Level Failure”) then GO1 will: 

  • investigate the underlying causes of the Service Level Failure; 
  • create a cause analysis of the Service Level Failure; 
  • create a plan which identifies the activities that GO1 will carry out to allow the Service Level Target to be achieved; and
  • implement the plan. To the extent any plan identifies activities that Customer or its third party vendors must carry out to allow the Service Level Target to be achieved, Customer must complete, or use reasonable efforts to ensure its vendors complete those activities in accordance with such plan. 

2.3 Exclusions affecting Service Availability 

GO1 will not be responsible for a failure to meet a Service Level to the extent that the failure is caused or contributed to by any: 

  • a) Service or resource reduction directed and approved in writing by the Customer despite advance written notice from GO1 that such reductions would result in that failure;
  • b) outages or reductions in the performance of any Customer Equipment;
  • c) errors or defects caused by any modification, revision, variation, translation or alteration of any Software that is:
  • d) act or omission by another Customer, vendor or service provider;
  • e) any third party not a GO1 approved subcontractor 

3. Escalations 

For issues related to the support service contact your Customer Success Manager.

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