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This page contains the names of both of our distribution and content partners. Please scroll down to view the distribution partners

Our Content Providers

100% Effective Ltd

101 Tokens Pty Ltd

180 Skills, LLC

365 Careers Ltd.

Wells Media Group Inc. Insurance Journal's Academy of Insurance.

Microlearn (Pty) Ltd

Acktec Technologies Pte Ltd

My Life Health Services Pty Ltd

Adept Training Pty Ltd

CQI Internet Solutions Pty Ltd

Allara Global Pty Ltd

American Medical Compliance Inc

Ana Madrazo  

AP Safety Training, Inc.

Australian Revenue Management Association Pty Ltd

Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Medicine

Assemble You Limited

Atheneum Collective LLC

Professional Learning Academy Pty Ltd

Authentic World Ltd.

Avanzo Learning Progress S.A.

Bailey and French Ltd

Edcomm Inc. dba. Banker's Academy

BCF Group Limited

Fahkry, Anthony Fred

Beyond Blue Limited

The Big Canvas Pty Ltd

Bitesize Ltd

Business Training Library, LLC

Blinks Labs GmbH

Blisspot Pty Ltd

Technical Training Pty ltd

Bloom Learning Technologies Limited

Bob's Business Ltd

Brain Friendly Training Pty Ltd

BSI E-Learning Pty Ltd


Capturator S.R.L

CareerAcademy.com, Inc.

Catalyst Education Pty ltd

Cegos SA

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Challenge DV

Palace Media Pty Ltd

Chart Learning Solutions Sweden AB

Chrysalis Consulting Solutions FZ-LLC

Chubb Fire & Security Pty Ltd

Cloudswyft Global Systems Inc

CMB Media

Digital Education Ltd

Compliance Training Online a division of Krist Inc

Compliance Wave LLC

Compono Australia Pty Ltd

Corporate Work Health Australia Pty Ltd

Coursera Inc

CreativeLive, Inc

HFI Consulting LLC

Funlocka Pty Ltd

Dementia Australia Limited

Developing People SLNE

Dillon Productions Ltd

Direction Training Ltd

Direction One Consulting Pvt Ltd

Henderson Services Pty Ltd

DSS Sustainable Solutions Switzerland SA

Duta Academy

e-learning WMB Limited

EasyLlama Inc

echo3 education Ltd

Ed4Online LLC

Educate to Elevate Pty Ltd

Educative.io LLC

Edusafe Limited

Edusity Inc

edX Inc

HSI Workplace Compliance Solutions, Inc.

Plato eLearning LLC

AMC Resources Pty Ltd as Trustee for AMC Trust

Massimilano Ferrari- Elearnit

Emberin Pty Ltd

Emerald Works Limited

Emerald Works Limited

Editions ENI

Enspark Interactive LLC

EntrepreneurNOW! Network

Ethics & Compliance BV

FHP Education Inc.

Filtered Technologies Limited

Fintech Academy Inc.

Fit Learning Systems S.L

Education Everywhere Pty Ltd

Flick Learning Limited

Focus Inside S.L.

Focus Learning Group Pty Ltd

Franco Iacovelli

Wirya, Friska

Frisk Online Limited

Futuremedia Pty Limited

Double Loop Limited

Cohesive Knowledge Solutions Inc. dba GetControl.net

Global Ethics, Inc.

Global Governance Initiative Pty Ltd

GlobalGyan Academy of Management Education Pvt Ltd

Global Vision Media Pty Ltd

GoldPhish Limited

Gravitas Consulting Pty Ltd

Governance Risk & Compliance Solutions Pty Ltd

On Impact Productions, DBA GWT Next

Happ Media Pvt. Ltd.

Harmon Brothers, LLC

Simplify Compliance LLC

HSI Workplace Compliance Solutions, Inc.

The Healthy Leader and Healthy Companies International

Hildebrand Solutions LLC

HowToo Pty Ltd

Human Logic Software LLC

International KYC B.V.

iAM Compliant Limited

Intelli Education Group Sdn

The Interactive Health & Safety Company Limited

iLearn Ltd

ILX Group

Imc information multimedia communication AG

Imarticus Learning Private Limited

In Safe Hands Educators in Safety Pty Ltd

Tab2ex, LLC DBA Innodemia


Inspired Elearning, LLC

Institute of Strategic Management Pty Ltd

Intellelearn Ltd

Intellezy, LLC

Interaction Training Pty Limited

International Child Care College Pty Ltd

International Culinary Studio Ltd

Intuition Publishing Ltd

iPED, Institute Politecnico De Educacion a Distancia

IS Recruitment Training Pty Ltd

IT Online Training d/b/a IT University

JB Academy, Inc.

Jessica Hickman Pty Ltd

PAF Feedback

Kaplan, Inc.

Knolskape Solutions Pte Ltd

International Open Academy


La Trobe University

lawpilots GmbH

WeAreLearnBox Limited

Learning Vault Pty Ltd

LearningPlanet Limited

LearningWorks Ltd

Learn It, Inc.

Learnlight Software, S.L.U.

LearnNow, LLC

Apiom Inc

Lecturio GmbH

LeFebvre, LLC

Lighthouse Leadership Pty Ltd

Local Government Procurement Pty Ltd

Lyadis Corp

Made for Success, Inc.

Maestro, LLC

Magnifi Group, Inc.

Maguire Business Solutions Limited

Making Business Matter Limited

Manager Foundation

The Marcom Group Ltd

Marshall ACM Ltd

MaxMo Learning Pty Ltd

Maxmunus Solutions Pvt, Ltd.

ME Learning Limited

TJ Walker Worldwide Media Training Worldwide

Mental Health Movement Pty Ltd

Career Development Centre Pty Ltd

Merchant Academy B.V.

Meribeth Dayme (Sole Proprieter)

Enter IT Limited

Microlearn (Pty) Ltd

Mind Channel Limited

Mind Gym PLC

Mind Gym PLC


Mosaico elearning S.R.L

Ray, Heather Jesse

myAko Limited

Moora Holdings Pty Ltd ATF The Moora Family Trust

Najah Train Limited

Nansen Pty Ltd

NetworkWise LLC

New York Institute of Finance Inc.

Next Tech Inc.

Train Me Now Ltd

Omni HR Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Bensar Learning Private Limited

Online Courses Australia Pty Ltd

Openlearn Pty Ltd

Orion Learning Services Inc

Packt Publishing Ltd

Professional Development Training Pty Ltd ATF PDT Unit Trust

PeopleUnboxed Ltd

Pink University GmbH

Planit Test Management Solutions Pty Ltd

PNC Learning Inc.

Pointsbuild Pty Limited

Practice Labs Systems Pty Limited

Proactech Maroc

Process Management International Limited

Prositions Inc

Pryor Learning Solutions

Quolifi Pty Ltd

Radby Pty Ltd

Reality Learning Ltd


Zeus Talent Ltd

Risk 2 Solution Consulting Pty Ltd

All Stars Self Defence Centres Pty Ltd

RQC Group

Sandler Systems, Inc.

Sarder Learning, Inc.

The Security Company (International) Limited

Security Innovation, Inc.

mybreev GmbH

SEND Group Ltd

Sensei Project Solutions, Inc.

Sentinel 9 Pty Ltd


Telephone Doctor, Inc

Seven Dimensions Pty Ltd

Simon Sez IT, Inc.

Simplilearn Singapore Pte Ltd

Skill-Box SRL

Amicucci Formazione S.r.l

Skillogy International Limited

Graceland College Centre for Professional Development and Lifelong Learning Inc

SmartWork Creative Ltd

Boojem Pty Ltd

Skillshub Limited

Skillsoft Corporation

Skillsolve Training Ltd.

Small Batch Learning Pte Ltd

SmartMouth Communications, LLC

SocialB Limited

SONIC Performance Support GmbH

Soundview, Inc.

S. Graham & Associates

Stone River eLearning LLC

SC Storytelling Training and Coaching

Brit Academy for Training Ltd

Summit L&T LLC

Symmetra Technology Services Pty Ltd

TalentQuest LLC

Tech Commanders LLC

Imrie, Ann-Maree Catherine

The Business Launchers Pty Ltd

Career Academy Australia Pty Ltd

CompleteCareers Pty Ltd

The Development Company Ltd

The Ethicos Group Pty Ltd

The Expert Academy Limited

SHRC Limited

Academy of Information Technology Pty Limited

The Mental Health Project Pty Ltd

The Protocol School of Washington

The Resilience Development Company

The Skills Shack Pty Ltd

PST Training Store Pty Ltd

Third Term Inc.

Thomson Reuters (Professional) UK Limited

Thomson Reuters (Professional) Australia Limited

Thrive Learning Limited

Small Batch Learning Pte Ltd

TNQ InGage Technologies LLP

Simplify Compliance LLC

Trainology Limited

Traliant LLC

Trident Shield LLC

tts Knowledge Products GmbH

Udemy, Inc.

PureWorks, Inc.

Online Learning Solutions Limited

Unicare Support Services Ltd

Ed Tech services LLC

Vado Inc

RedVector.com LLC

Velsoft Training Materials, Inc.

Veriti Pty Ltd

Vertical Horizonz New Zealand Limited

Editorial Elearning S.L.

Vital Learning, LLC

Walkgrove Ltd

Wavelength MED

WBS Training AG

Meditation.live, Inc

Rethink Autism, Inc.

WILL Interactive, Inc.

Workright Ltd.

World Continuing Education Alliance Ltd

Write Limited

Youth Change Inc

Zambesi Pty Ltd

Our Distribution Partners

AllAboutXpert Technologies Pty Ltd.

Absorb Software Inc

Actua Solutions Ltd

Adobe Inc

Automatic Data Processing, Inc.

Ozkez Pty Ltd


Allinial Global

Alpha Connections Inc.

Anders Pink Limited

Androgogic Pty Ltd

Ascender PeopleStreme Pty Ltd

Auzmor Inc.

Baobab Mining and Exploration Pty Ltd

Beyond 19 Partners Pty Ltd

Brainshark Inc.


Docebo Inc

Capytech FZ LLC.

Celebal Technologies Private Limited

Ceridian HCM, Inc.

Chapter Apps Inc

Complete Learning Solutions Limited

CompliSpace Pty Ltd

Consultrics Pty Ltd

Content Formula Ltd

CoreAxis, LLC

Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc

Firstventure Corporation Private Limited

Creative Juices Advisory & Commercialisation Pty ltd

Cypher Learning

D2L Corporation

Darwinbox Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd.

DigiNet Global Limited

Sciolytix, Inc.

Heuristix Digital Technologies Private Ltd (“Disprz”)

Docebo Inc.

Docebo Australia Pty Ltd

Origin Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd.

e-learning WMB Limited

EdCast Asia Private Limited

EIS Group, Inc.

Elearningforce Inc

Element Technical Services Inc

eloomi A/S

ELSA Digital Förvaltning AB

Employee Relations Strategies Pty Ltd

Ernst & Young LLP

Esanosys Technologies Llp/Vivusoft Technologies Private Limited

Evergreen Digital Pty Ltd

Everperform Pty Ltd

Expr3ss! Pty Ltd

Flare HR Pty Ltd. 

FoundU Holdings Ltd

Franchise Council of Australia Limited

Fuse Universal Limited

Gilmore Global Logistics Services Inc.

GRISM Technologies LLC

GrowthSpace LLC

Gyrus Systems

Rooy Pty Ltd

Hays PLC

Hi Bob (UK) Limited

Higher Logic Pty Ltd

Acendre Pty Ltd

Horizzon Information Technologies Private Limited

Hubken Group Ltd

Human Logic Software LLC

TimeTarget Pty Ltd

The ID Crowd Pty Ltd

iLearn ME

IMC Group Asia (S'PORE) Pte. Ltd.

IMC Information Multimedia Communication Pty Ltd

Innovate Learn Ltd

IntelliHR Limited

isolved HCM, LLC 

Janison Solutions Pty Ltd

JobStreet.com Philippines Inc.

Interact Learning Pty Ltd

Knowledge and Interactive Services Corp Mulitbank Inc.

Kineo Inc.

Knowbly Learning Systems Inc

Knowzies Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd

Cortex Interactive Pty ltd

Lanteria LLC

Rise To Limited

LearningZone Ltd

LearnUpon Ltd

Looop Online Limited

Marefa Digital DMCC

MHR International UK Limited

Mindstar Enterprises Pty Ltd

MindTickle Inc.

My Learning Space Enterprise Pty Ltd

Moora Holdings Pty Ltd ATF The Moora Family Trust

MYOB Australia Pty Ltd

Martian Logic Pty Limited

NCT Innovative Learning Pty Ltd

Neovation Corporation

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, Inc

Nixon (M) Sdn Bhd

NuVeda Learning Pvt. Ltd.

On the Cusp Consulting Pty Ltd

Vortilla Holdings Pty Ltd

OpenLMS, an LTG Group Company Brand

Oracle Corp Australia Pty Ltd.

Orchestrate HR

PageUp People Limited 

Paradiso Solutions LLC

Learning Technologies Group, Inc. dba PeopleFluent

PeopleStrong Pte Ltd.

Pinpoint HRM Pty Ltd

United ILS Pvt Ltd

Pulse Software Support Pty Ltd

Pursuit Technology Australia Pty Ltd

PricewaterhouseCoopers Services Pty Limited as trustee for the PricewaterhouseCoopers Services Trust

PwC Academy LLC

Readiness Pty Limited

StaffOnDemand Pte Ltd

Zeus Talent Ltd t/a Recruitment Training

Remote Learner US, Inc.

People Center Inc.


Roubler Australia Pty Ltd


Employment Office Australia Pty Limited

SeamlessHR (Pty) Ltd

JobStreet.com Shared Services Sdn Bhd

SilkRoad Technology, Inc.

Skillup Mena LLC

Smartway e-learning Solution LTD

Snabbfoting Group AB

Subscribe-Software Pty Ltd

Suncorp-Metway Ltd

New Media Warehouse Limited


TalenTeam Limited

Talespin Reality Labs, Inc.

Teamie Pte Ltd

Tesseract Learning Pvt. Ltd.

Think Associates Ltd

Thrive Learning Ltd

Titus Learning Ltd

Total Calibration Pty Limited 

Totara Learning Solutions Limited

Trainology Limited

UP learning B.V.

Vela Digitial Pty Limited

Vinsys IT Services (I) Pvt. Ltd

Violet Infosystems PVT LTD

Workforce Learning LLC

WorkJam Inc

Rayont Technologies Pty Ltd 


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