Stress Less to Perform More

Stress Less to Perform More

Resilience Development Company
Updated Mar 26, 2021

What you'll learn

  • Language and Literature---Language and Literature---Language and Literature

Frustrated at feeling overwhelmed, struggling with high workload, poor relationships, personal and professional pressures and confidence?

This does not have to be you or your people. Learn the skills that enable your people to adapt, transform, perform, and thrive.

Stress less teaches you 12 new skills that show you the way to eliminate stress in a short on-demand course so you can start working, living and feeling better.

Are you or your people:

  • Fed up with feeling stressed and anxious
  • Tired and generally not being the best version of you
  • Easily irritated by others and unusually angry.
  • Ready to thrive
  • Want a proven way to rest, relax and let it all wash over you

Then you can't afford to miss this Stress Less course!

Learn how to lower stress levels in both you, your team and your family:

  • Learn 12 integrated skills & strategies to reduce stress & increase engagement.
  • Understand how to reduce social & emotional triggers in both yourself & the people around you.
  • 12 Solutions that will help you, your family and your loved ones thrive like never before
  • Interactive Content so you can learn through videos, activities and quizzes
  • Exclusive Workbook that gets you to fully commit without even realising it