Presentation Building Block 06: Grab Attention

Presentation Building Block 06: Grab Attention

SmartMouth Communications
Updated Sep 19, 2019


You know those presentations you've attended when you leave wondering what on earth it was for? Well, those are occasions when a focal point was desperately needed. Once you have identified your win, you are ready to create a focal point for your speech or presentation. Focal points are those context- and expectation-setting statements that help your audience know where you're taking them and what will be expected of them. Effective public speaking requires preparation, but if you don't have the luxury of time, at the very least knowing your focal point will help you and your audience! Check outSmartMouth'sSpeechBuildertool, which is an added resource in every course. TheSpeechBuilderprompts you to fill in the blanks and create either an outline or a full presentation. It's a paint-by-numbers solution for public speakers!

Course Objectives

  • Shares a critical audience-guidance tool, the focal point, for successful presentations.
  • Offers prompts for users to create a focal point for a presentation.
  • Reveals where and how to use a focal point in a presentation.