Key Parts of a Speech - Focal Point

Key Parts of a Speech - Focal Point

SmartMouth Communications
Updated Jul 12, 2019

This video forms part of the coursePublic Speaking Made Simple: Effective Presentations for Any Audience.

Course Overview

Public speaking and presentations made simple! Do you make presentations but know they could be better? Do you want to know how to grab and hold an audience's attention? Do you want to be able to make a point that sticks? This course is your conference room pocket pal.

Learning Outcomes

  • Answer the question 'What is my desired outcome?', turn it into a complete sentence, then use it in your opening and reinforce it in your closing
  • Audiences will put their attention and focus where you tell them
  • Set context by spoon-feeding what you want your audience to take away
  • If you have a call to action, tell your audience right up front