Presentation Building Block 03: Know Your Audience

Presentation Building Block 03: Know Your Audience

SmartMouth Communications
Updated Sep 19, 2019


You've heard the admonition "know your audience," right? But what does that really mean? Take a few minutes to allow this public speaking course to walk you through what you need to think about in terms of knowing your audience – the who, what, where, why and how – so you are better able to tailor your presentation to suit any audience and be a better public speaker. Check outSmartMouth'sSpeechBuildertool, which is an added resource in every course. TheSpeechBuilderprompts you to fill in the blanks and create either an outline or a full presentation. It's a paint-by-numbers solution for public speakers!

Course Objectives

  • Walks you through specific questions you need to ask yourself about your audience.
  • Delivers insights that will help you make decisions about time and amount of detail in your presentation.
  • Prepares you to think more critically about audiences.