Office 2013 - Excel Beginners - Printing

Office 2013 - Excel Beginners - Printing

Updated Nov 08, 2018

Learning Objectives

  • Set a Print Area
  • Clear a Print Area 
  • Print a Worksheet 
  • Print Multiple Worksheets 
  • Apply Print Options 
  • Select a Printer 
  • Change Print Properties 
  • Print Preview

Course Overview

  • When printing a section of the worksheet regularly, you can set a current print area using the Print Area/Set Print Area command.
  • Setting a new print area will override the previous one as you can only have one print area set at a time.
  • A quick way to print the active worksheet(s) is to use the Print button.
  • You can control how the worksheet is printed by using the Print command on the File tab.
  • To select another printer use the Name box.
  • Always preview your worksheet before printing it.

Course Duration

40 minutes