Office 2010 - Excel Beginners - Move and Copy Data

Office 2010 - Excel Beginners - Move and Copy Data

Jenison ELearning
Updated Nov 07, 2018

Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate Cut and Copy
  • Move Text using the Toolbar
  • Copy using the Shortcut Menu
  • Use Paste Special Feature
  • Paste Multiple Items
  • View Multiple Documents 
  • Drag and Drop Text

Course Overview

  • The Shortcut menu is an alternative way of working with Excel. It is displayed by right-clicking on the required object.
  • When using the Cut or Copy commands, the Windows Clipboard is used as a temporary storage area for the data.
  • The Collect and Paste feature, which enables you to hold up to twenty four items in the Office Clipboard, can be activated by displaying the Clipboard toolbar.
  • You can move data within a worksheet or between workbooks by using the drag and drop method.
  • To display all open workbooks on the screen, use the Arrange command on the Windows menu.