Leading the Next Generation

Leading the Next Generation

Sandler Admin
Updated Aug 07, 2020

How to Hire, Manage and Motivate Millennials and Gen Z!

Millennials are expected to represent half of the U.S. workforce by 2020. Gen Z is now entering the workforce in larger numbers, which means it is becoming more and more important to understand them. Join us to learn how to attract and hire top young talent; how to create a processes and company culture that will motivate, coach and grow these younger workers; and how to retain Millennials and Gen Z, not only to stay past their 3-year job jumping norm but actually seek out your company as a place they want to be a sales superstar.

This four-part online course was designed for managers and executives who:

  • Are struggling to motivate and communicate with younger workers.
  • Are looking to dramatically improve their hiring and recruiting of younger sales talent
  • Have had enough of "lackluster" under-performing teams and too much turnover
  • Want to better understand their team and lead their company through the next generation

In this course, Sandler trainers will teach you how to hire, manage and motivate Millennials and Gen Z workers. Young workers are looking for coaches and mentors who can help them develop the skillsets needed to succeed in today’s job market. They also value a collaborative work environment and leverage technology to take advantage of its benefits. Learn how to tie their goals to your company’s mission and how to maximize the results of your younger team members.