HR Strategy and Management – Interactive

HR Strategy and Management – Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jul 10, 2020

HR Strategy and Management is a course directed at human resource professionals providing an overview of HR functions and management for the employee life cycle: from recruitment to exit. In this course HR expert Pete Wallbridge covers HR fundamentals and strategy and the employment value proposition.

Once this course is completed, you will have learned about the employee life cycle: from recruitment to exit. You will learn about recruitment and position descriptions and the essentials for induction, training and development, and performance management. Legislation and compliance, exit from employment and managing change are also covered.

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Learning Objectives

  • Identify the life cycle of employees from recruitment to exit
  • Examine HR fundamentals and strategy
  • Determine the employment value proposition
  • Create recruitment and position descriptions
  • Identify essentials for onboarding, training and development and performance management
  • Identify issues around the exit from employment
  • Identify legislation and compliance needs
  • Consider case management, managing change and a remuneration strategy