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Your HR team plays a key role in the future of your company by recruiting new talent and assisting in the development of current employees. How are you making sure that your HR team has access to the right training tools to keep their skills up to date? Go1 brings together a wide range of HR training resources to help your team improve the way they hire, onboard, train and manage employees.
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HR professionals know that human resources is a challenging but rewarding department to work in. HR is the engine at the center of a business, working to ensure all other aspects of that business work together in harmony.

And because of that, it’s vital that every member of the HR team is regularly trained so they’re fully equipped to deal with any question, query, hire, issue, or dispute that may arise.

But HR is a busy department with little downtime, so what sort of human resources training is available so professionals can grow and develop, while helping colleagues do the same?

The convenient and cost-effective answer is an online training course.

How do you train and develop employees?

Those in the HR industry know that training and development is a crucial part of the success of a business. By overlooking the importance of training you risk your business becoming stagnant and being left behind by competitors who have encouraged growth.

And HR is no different. Human resources training and development comes in many forms, covering a vast range of topics from onboarding to conflict management. But by undertaking an HR course you can ensure your employees are able to provide the best possible results for the rest of your business.

And the most cost-effective, convenient, and up-to-date way of doing this is by taking HR courses online. Because as HR professionals, it’s important to practice what you preach, and it’s not always financially or logistically viable to take time away from the business to attend a course.

What is HR training?

HR training is the process of learning, upskilling and developing new skills or knowledge in human resources, or taking refresher training to ensure you’re always working by best practices.

HR training can be undertaken by those new to human resources and looking to start a career in the industry, or by existing professionals who want to develop and grow. Training for HR covers a variety of topics, including:

  • Administration
  • Recruitment
  • Training and development
  • Mediation
  • Benefits and incentives
  • Performance reviews
  • Communication

Everything HR does helps colleagues in other departments perform their roles. By regularly undertaking human resources training HR professionals will be in the best possible position to excel. And one way to provide regular training is by taking an HR course online.

Why HR training is important?

HR can be an easy department to overlook when it comes to training and development. It’s a busy department with very little downtime and exists to ensure the rest of the business can thrive. However, that’s exactly why training and development are important.

Without a fully accessible and trained HR team, employees throughout the business aren’t going to feel supported. And if employees don’t feel supported, they’re going to ask questions about their own development and their future at the company.

HR is where your company culture is born and acts as a funnel for the rest of the business. That’s why HR training is important.

Which course is best for HR?

Deciding the best HR training course for yourself or your team depends on whether you’re new to the industry, you’re looking to upskill or develop, or you’re looking for a refresher course.

For newcomers, an introduction to HR training course would be the ideal starting point.

For those looking to upskill, strategic human resources management is a fascinating topic.

And for those looking for a refresher HR training course, HR compliance is always an important skill to learn.

There are so many topics that fall under the HR umbrella. Check out the collection of HR courses online provided by Go1.

10 benefits of taking an online HR course

There are plenty of advantages to online HR training courses, which benefit HR professionals, their colleagues, and businesses as a whole.

Improve output and processes

The most obvious benefit is an improvement to employee output. When putting into practice what they’ve learned, employees will utilize better and more effective ways of working.

Build confidence

When studying HR online employees learn new skills, increase their knowledge, and discover new ways of working. As a result, not only do employees improve their overall performance, but increase their confidence too.


A common training issue is how to develop staff while remaining conscious of budget - after all, training courses and seminars can be expensive.

However, human resources courses online are a far more cost-effective solution. All course materials have already been assembled, which means they can be instantly digitally delivered to your team so they can study right away.

Developing current employees for promotion and management roles is also cheaper for the business than recruitment.


Organizing training sessions or external courses can be difficult to orchestrate, especially when it comes to finding a time to suit everyone. Online training allows employees to fit training in around their schedules, offering the same training to everyone with none of the administrative headaches.

Online human resources training can be accessed from anywhere, which is also perfect for remote or hybrid employees.


Courses are designed to take into account that everyone has a different learning style. Information is presented in video, interactives, quizzes, and more, so employees can retain what they learn and put it into practice.


The moment a book on HR is published it risks becoming out of date. Because there are always new processes being developed, human resources courses can be quickly and simply updated to reflect these. That means online courses are always filled with the latest information.

Increase satisfaction and retention

When employees are encouraged to learn they’re more likely to have a greater level of job satisfaction, which in turn helps with employee retention.


Whether one employee is taking HR online courses, or the whole team, scaling up training is simple.

Create a culture of learning

HR should lead by example, so by providing learning opportunities you’re building a culture of learning within your organization.

Become thought leaders in your industry

The more employees learn, the more qualified they are, and as a result will cement themselves as leaders in their industry. Employees will then be in the best position possible to share that knowledge both internally and outside the business.

HR courses for beginners

HR training and development is perfect not only for existing HR professionals but also for those looking to join the industry.

And HR courses for beginners don’t just cover basic HR training, but all aspects and topics that are necessary to start a career in human resources.

Beginner HR courses will cover:

  • How HR helps businesses with goals and objectives
  • Workforce planning
  • Recruitment
  • Employee retention
  • Mediation
  • Risk management
  • Learning and development


What will HR professionals get out of taking HR courses online?

While many who work in human resources are seasoned professionals, refresher HR training is important to ensure you’re working with your colleagues in the most effective and productive ways.

Will HR training take a long time to complete?

When you take HR courses online they’re completely self-directed, meaning you can fit your training around your daily responsibilities, with no deadline other than the one you set yourself.

Looking for HR training?

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