Contribute to the Team - Interactive

Contribute to the Team - Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated Apr 30, 2020

Speak at meetings, volunteer to help and collaborate with others. This engaging and motivating interactive course is designed to encourage people to take responsibility for their work, be accountable, contribute to the team, and collaborate with others.

It’s ‘Blue Moon’ day at Cutting Edge. Marcus tells his team it’s about pulling ideas out of the blue and working on them collaboratively. Dion has trouble staying awake but learns that his body language shows he is not interested. He discovers the importance of contributing to meetings, not just giving smart remarks. When Michael and Sam argue about mess, Sam is quick to point out Michael needs to complain less and actually share the workload to resolve it. The interns are encouraged to be resourceful, solve problems and show initiative. When Serena reports a breach of office security, Dion volunteers to do something about it. His disguise to test security doesn’t fool Carlos, but he is praised for his willingness to help solve the problem. Marcus is proud when Dion suggests ‘Do your best every time’ at the team training session on service.

Key Learning Points

  • Participate Positively in Meetings
  • Communicate and Collaborate
  • Adapt and Solve Problems
  • Show Initiative
  • Do Your Best Every Time

Comedy makes learning fun

This interactive course is part of the popular Success at Work Series created by the producers of Cutting Edge Communication Comedy. Two confident interns face challenges working with the Cutting Edge team, providing an entertaining approach to employability skills with practical strategies for effective communication, prioritization, teamwork, goal-setting and workplace success.