3 Steps to Critical Thinking

3 Steps to Critical Thinking

Seven Dimensions
Updated Oct 09, 2019

Critical thinking is in hot demand, but unfortunately in short supply. Some people are critical thinkers but most people tend to think uncritically. Eve Ash asks Peter Quarry to explain how critical thinking is learned and developed. Peter explains that recognizing and switching off emotions is the first step. This entails understanding how we feel and considering alternative responses. Also, it’s important not to jump to conclusions. Focus on the facts and seek more evidence before responding. Peter recommends rising above the usual ‘win/lose’ approaches to a problem. Other solutions might emerge if everyone calms down before examining a broader range of possibilities. Be willing to look beyond the ideas and information that merely confirm the view you already have.

Learning Objectives

Peter Quarry discusses critical thinking and how to develop critical thinking skills:

• Be able to define critical thinking

• Develop critical thinking skills

• Recognize and switch off emotions

• Collect and use information and data to make critical decisions

• Learn to avoid thinking errors