Being a Charismatic Boss

Being a Charismatic Boss

A great boss needs to create an atmosphere in which employees are empowered and motivated to perform well. Great managers are able to create a healthy atmosphere where teamwork is naturally promoted and healthy competition is easily achieved. Good managers need to know their staff well and employees need to trust their leadership. The team needs to be united under one flag, collaboration needs to be organic and there needs to be a high level of good communication and transparency present across all levels of the company. <br> Great bosses are proactive when addressing team needs, problems or shortcomings. They are able to achieve a positive workplace atmosphere in which employees are engaged and motivated to work hard. And in the end, all of these goals can be much more easily achieved if your employees like you. Contrary to popular belief, a likable boss is not a pushover. Your team can like you and respect you at the same time. It’s all depends on whether or not you are gaining their respect and admiration the right way.

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Updated Jun 21, 2019

Leadership styles differ from one person to another but what all leaders have in common is undeniable – and almost tangible – charisma. However, we aren’t born charismatic, it’s something we develop along the way. It’s not that difficult to enhance your leadership charisma, though. The tips in this course will show you how.