Know Your Employees

Know Your Employees

Cultivate strong personal connections with your employees for a healthier and more productive working environment

Updated Aug 28, 2017

There are a number of factors that are important at work. Among them are work we love to do, a team we enjoy working with, and resources to do our job well. In addition, we want a great supervisor, one who sets clear expectations, trusts us to do a great job, and stands up for us when needed. It’s also nice when our manager takes the time to get to know us, and is genuinely interested in each team member as an individual person—this really matters. As a manager, it is essential you get to know your staff personally. When you interact with your team as individuals, not just as employees, you find you’ll strengthen your relationship. This makes a difference when it comes to talking about critical issues, solving problems, and learning what is really going on with each person’s work. Get to know each employee personally and you’ll find it beneficial for both you and your team.

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