A Clear Case of Bullying

A Clear Case of Bullying

Seven Dimensions
Updated Oct 11, 2019

Course Overview

Peter Quarry tells Eve Ash about a female manager, new to her job, whose staff refused to extend courtesy, made vindictive comments, disobeyed requests, escalated behaviors and were routinely hostile. This upset the manager until she was unable to continue working because she was psychologically injured. This pack behavior constitutes bullying. There are strategies for countering bullying, Peter says. Eve Ash reminds viewers that bullying is illegal in some countries.

Peter Quarry and Eve Ash discuss a case where a female manager found herself undermined by the staff who were supposed to report to her.

Learning Objectives

Peter Quarry’s case study of a female manager new to her job unearthed:

  • Her team’s loyalty to their previous manager
  • Escalating behaviors
  • Resistance
  • Failure to extend common courtesy
  • Whispering vindictive comments
  • Disobeying requests

Interviewer: Eve Ash

Interviewee: Peter Quarry