Unpleasant, but not Bullying or Harassment

Unpleasant, but not Bullying or Harassment

Seven Dimensions
Updated Oct 14, 2019

Course Overview

There are times in the workplace when an employee feels singled out by management and the experience is unpleasant. Peter Quarry explains to Eve Ash that this syndrome is not bullying, but a standard management function. Providing that the correct procedures are followed and documented, the aim of the warning is to improve the person’s performance, not to hurt him/her. Eve Ash describes managers’ increased nervousness over giving feedback. Peter Quarry suggests preparing a script for feedback, making notes of the conversation and having a third person (perhaps from HR) to witness and assist the discussion.

Sometimes a worker can feel picked on, but if his/her performance is poor, companies have a right to intervene and manage the person’s performance. It is a standard organizational procedure.

Learning Objectives

An older employee who was warned over not performing adequately. This is unpleasant but not bullying because:

  • Companies have a right to manage staff performance
  • The purpose of the intervention is to improve an employee’s performance

Interviewer: Eve Ash

Interviewee: Peter Quarry