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Top 5 challenges for content creators

There are countless things content creators need to think about when designing and developing learning content. In particular, the intended audience for the content and what their needs are in relation to the content that’s created.
Courtney Norton, Content Writer

There are countless things content creators need to think about when designing and developing learning content. In particular, the intended audience for the content and what their needs are in relation the content that’s created.

With these things to consider, content creation certainly doesn't come without its challenges. A number of these challenges come up even after the actual content has been created. 

You might be thinking, “surely there’s something that can be done to make this less difficult for content creators”, and there is!  

For instance, at Go1, we’re so excited to be launching a new content distribution solution that attempts to tackle some of these challenges faced by content creators, after the content is created: Go1 Connect. As the leader in online learning, Go1 has access to invaluable industry insights and Go1 Connect allows us to offer those insights to our customers so they can assess performance and establish benchmarks for their content. 

 The L&D industry is not the only one facing these content creating obstacles though. Similar challenges apply all across the workforce. Let’s talk about it. Here’s a look at five of the most common challenges talked about by learning content creators and some ways they can be tackled.

1. Seeing tangible engagement results

Many in the marketing world will be familiar with the term ‘engagement’ but for those outside of the industry that may not be, ‘engagement’ refers to the concept of having as many of your audience as possible interact with the content you create.  

In the case of learning content, this could come in the form of users signing up for a course, sharing a link with their social media network, or completing a course. 

At Go1, we take pride in constantly being in conversation with our customers to ensure that our products and processes are working in the best way possible. Something we’ve found when it comes to content creation is that the relationship between customer and creator ends once the content is handed over to the customer.  

As a result, it’s more difficult for creators to see how their content is being used. From an engagement perspective, this means the content creator is pouring significant time and resources into something without knowing what works and what doesn’t. Having the ability to track engagement and see the results saves the creators all this uncertainty. More than that, having tangible engagement results provides motivation to creators; either to change what they’ve been doing or to reassure them that they’ve been doing the right thing. 

With Go1 Connect, all content creators can access all-important stats like enrolment numbers, course completion rates, as well as insights into the most popular and least popular content that learners are accessing. 

2. Risk of content misuse

An increasing number of companies are placing a stronger emphasis on security when it comes to their online content, and in today’s world, that’s absolutely understandable.  

One of the scarier challenges of content creation is that it can feel extremely difficult to control who gets a hold of your content as well as what they choose to do with it.  

Digital Rights Management systems are one of the most important ways that companies can reduce the risk of their content being misused. They allow for the restriction of use of digital copyrighted material. Digital Rights Management systems may not an accessible solution for all businesses, particularly small ones, but through Go1 Connect you can access this functionality, with a range of other tools.


3. Partnering with the pros

It’s human nature that when we see somebody or a company that we know well collaborate with or speak fondly of something, that we tend to place more legitimacy on that thing. So of course, when trying to reach new audiences and increase engagement, it helps to work with trusted names that are either in the industry you’re currently in or that are in the industry you’re trying to target with your content.  

For example, in the space of eLearning, Go1 Connect offers the opportunity for businesses to develop that trust with us as the industry leader and further their reputations in a positive way. The comfort of knowing that your company’s goals are supported by a committed company with ongoing commitment to your success cannot be underestimated.

4. Reducing costs

When we say that one of the biggest challenges is ‘reducing costs’, you may think about it in a purely monetary sense. While that definitely is important, something that’s arguably even more important is time. Time is a cost as well. Things like manual processes and doubling handling can add significant time costs that can stop you from getting other things done like that unexpected task that popped up or even making yourself a well-deserved extra cup of tea.  

Rather than spending half the day trying to complete a single task due to complex, unrefined procedures, wouldn’t you rather spend an hour or two completing that same task thanks to more efficient strategies? Of course you would! 

Thankfully, Go1 Connect has been specially designed to give content creators back some of their time and therefore money. Being a centralised solution, Go1 Connect is easier to use which means less people costs. Along the same vein, we’ve also managed to improve upon alternatives by reducing the need for manual processes and double handling. 

5. Finding creative freedom

While the challenge of finding creative freedom is definitely prominent in the world of learning and development (especially when working in collaboration with other brands), the beauty of this particular challenge is that by tackling the other challenges we’ve talked about today, a pathway to that creative freedom we all crave starts to become clear.  

To put it simply, when you have less things to worry about, you can put more of your energy into creativity. We all know that work is way more fun when you feel free to create what you want. It also aligns with the principle of “work smarter, not harder”, something that is becoming increasingly prominent in the modern workforce. 


Looking back at some of these challenges, it’s easy to see how they quite often crossover and share commonalities. The good news with that is that when we actively participate in the solutions to these challenges, we start to see multiple of these challenges begin to solve themselves.  

Using Go1 Connect to store, deliver and manage your content could be an amazing first step towards reducing the impact of these challenges on your content creation. If you'd like to learn more about our latest solution for content creators, you can register your interest here.


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