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The Go1 Content Insider — August 2021 edition 

The Go1 Content Insider is your first stop for all things new in the Go1 Content Hub. In this August update, find out the latest and greatest in the world of content!
Shannon Herrera, Head of Content Curation

Which content partner should you check out? 

Do you wish ever wish you could take an online course and only get the information you needed rather than going through the full course? Chart Learning Solutions has partnered with Area9 to create over 80 Adaptive Learning courses that do just that. Adaptive Learning creates a unique personalized learning journey that adapts to the needs of each learner using intelligent algorithms and probes. With a wide variety of topics, from ethics to career development, these adaptive courses will resonate with all employees, regardless of where they are in their career.   

Check out this video to learn more about Adaptive Learning through Chart Learning Solutions.  

Chart Learning Solutions is a thought leader in the learning and development field and continues to win awards every year for their leadership and sales courses. In addition to their adaptive learning modules, they have over 100 modern and in-depth eLearning courses on the Go1 Content Hub that enable learners to apply what they have learned through step-by-step instructions and exercises.   

Which content partners have joined the Go1 library? 

Omni HR – This South African company brings us global content in leadership and personal development.  Their courses offer comprehensive content through text, videos, and assessments, ensuring learners get a robust experience. 

Proactech – This France based company brings us Microsoft software and personal development courses in French.   

What’s new from our current content partners? 

IT Programming

  • Stone River - A variety of updated courses in a number of areas, including Java, Google Apps, Node, and Game Development 
  • Simon Sez IT – New courses on a number of topics, including Python, JavaScript, React, and Asana   


  • AMC – New compliance courses for Human Trafficking, N95 Fit Test, along with state-specific harassment courses, all for healthcare workers (US specific) 
  • Health Staff Ed – Nursing Management (Australia specific) 

Health and Safety 

  • Allara – A variety of health and safety courses, some specific to South Australia  
  • Marcom – Updated a large number of their courses, including industry-specific harassment courses (US specific) 

What’s Shannon’s favorite course right now? 

As I go through our library, I often look for courses to assist in my personal development. iAM Learning recently added a quick 10-minute course on Growth Mindset. I always love their content, often very short and to the point. This course was a great refresher for me for a topic I have spent time learning about in the past. A growth mindset is such a valuable thing to be more successful in business and in your personal life and this short course was a great reminder. 

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