Photography is used in many different ways. Perhaps you’re a photography business, snapping thousands of shots a week. Or, maybe your business uses photography to showcase your products and services.
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Is photography a part of your marketing efforts?

Even if your business’s output isn’t photography-related, chances are you use photography in a number of ways to promote your business. Your website will have a mix of photographs and copy that complement each other to tell your organization’s story and sell your products and services. To do this, the photographs will need to be of professional quality.

Similarly, many of your other marketing channels will use photographs in some capacity, from display ads to posters. You’ll also likely use photography on social media, particularly if your brand has a presence on Instagram and Facebook. You may be able to use stock photographs, but there’s only so far they’ll get you.

If your business doesn’t use photography, then this is something to consider. Not only will it allow potential customers to get a better understanding of your business and its products and services, but it helps build your brand identity. Photography training allows you to present your business to the world and stand out from your competitors.

Is photography training important?

With many of us having smartphones in our pockets, we already have easy access to simple-to-use, high-quality digital cameras. That means, your business likely has all the physical tools it needs to produce fantastic photography.

However, simply having a great camera isn’t necessarily enough. Photography is used to sell your business, however, in order to do it effectively you have to tell a strong story, which isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Training provides your employees with the knowledge they need to effectively tell a story so you engage your audience. Courses in photography can cover anything, from the basics of using a camera to compositing a shot, and how to retouch photographs once you’ve finished pressing the shutter.

By taking courses in photography, your employees will be in a better position to:

  • Produce great photography that grows your brand identity
  • Showcase your business, your services, and your products
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Engage your audience on social media
  • Be authentic
  • Tell your story

How to become a good photographer

There are several steps for becoming skilled and confident using a camera, such as:

  1. Learning how to properly use a camera and what the settings do, as well as when, why, and how to use them.
  2. Learning about lighting, composition, and movement.
  3. Studying competitors and professional photographs to understand what they do well - and what they don’t do so well.
  4. Learning how to improve the photographs your employees take using software such as Photoshop.
  5. Finding creative ways to use photography in your business.
  6. Taking photographs every day.

In order to learn how to become a skilled photographer, courses can train your employees so they gain all the necessary skills and knowledge.

The benefits of training your employees in photography

The most obvious benefit to training your employees in photography skills is that your business will produce better-quality photographs to use on your website, social media, and other marketing materials. If you have a photography business, it’s also worth upskilling regularly so you stay ahead of your competitors.

However, there are plenty of other reasons why training your employees in photography benefits your business:

  • You present a greater level of professionalism by not relying on stock photography which is easily identifiable.
  • It instantly tells the customer who you are, what you do, and what your values are before they’ve even read a single line of copy.
  • It’s a more cost-effective solution to outsourcing photographers.
  • Ensures you stand out against your competitors.
  • It lets you tell your story in your own way.
  • Improves your overall marketing output and provides you with more opportunities to engage with your audience.
  • It encourages creativity.
  • It ensures a personal touch.

Is eLearning a great way to learn photography skills?

Yes, online photography courses are a great way to develop your employees' photography skills. Because eLearning courses have already been produced they can be accessed instantly, which means they’re affordable and convenient. They can be picked up as and when employees have the time, meaning they don’t interfere with their day-to-day responsibilities. That way, your employees can learn without any additional pressure. This microlearning also ensures employees are far more likely to engage with course materials and retain what they learn.

What are some of the best online courses for learning photography?

Photography is a rich subject with plenty to learn, and eLearning courses can cover everything from the fundamentals of photography to specific or advanced topics. Some of the best photography courses include:

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