The First-time Leader of a Remote Team

The First-time Leader of a Remote Team

Updated Nov 30, 2020

Being promoted is great. But stepping up from the role of colleague to team leader comes with its challenges - especially in a virtual environment where you may not even have the opportunity to meet your team members face-to-face It is challenging to step up from being a colleague to being a team leader. In this session, you’ll learn the tools to become a strong leader who can take on the demands of virtual team leadership with strong communication skills, innovative approaches, and strategies that motivate.

Who needs to do this:

Team leaders, supervisors, and first-time managers in need of practical tactics to adopt as they move into their new leadership role of a virtual team.  

What you’ll learn:

  • Develop the behaviors that you need to have a positive impact on your team.  
  • Learn to implement these 5 key micro-skills:
  • Be Goal-oriented to set personal and team goals
  • Become a Relationship builder to build open rapport
  • Set out to be a Big picture thinker to evaluate and review the progress of your team
  • Be a Positive promoter and a conscious role model
  • Adopt the habits of a Delegator and follow-up and monitor that tasks get completed.
  • Set a plan for your first 7 days and your first 3 months in your new role