How To Successfully Lead a Remote Team

How To Successfully Lead a Remote Team

Updated Oct 16, 2020

How do you successfully lead when NO-ONE is in the same room together (or even in the same time zone)? The greater the physical distance between team members, the greater the challenges. Not only do you have the risk of ‘misattribution’, but there is the very real danger of communication issues, disruption due to unnecessary friction, and so much more.

In this session, we’ll go through the risks and the strategies you can use to overcome all challenges with leading a virtual team to ensure all team goals are achieved. We’ll show you how to achieve cohesion and strong connections between team members who don’t have any opportunity for ‘water-cooler’ talk and in-office interactions.

What you’ll learn:

● Establish a set of ground rules and guiding principles with your team so that everyone is on that figurative ‘same page’.

● Create a communication charter so that everyone is able to avoid the pitfalls of miscommunication, even where it is unintended.

● Create a shared language so that you avoid ambiguity, particularly if there is a cross-cultural team.

● Maintain one-on-one conversations as well as coaching and training within the team so foster growth and development.

● Identify opportunities to continue to improve your team culture and ensure that motivation remains at a high level.