Role Plays & Work Tests - Selection Interview Skills Series

Role Plays & Work Tests - Selection Interview Skills Series

Seven Dimensions
Updated Mar 11, 2019

Role plays and work tests can be very effective in choosing the right applicant. Find out about work tests and how to use role plays successfully. Natalie manages a call centre and is recruiting new staff. She uses role play scenarios to compare the four applicants and provides a useful review of how each applicant performed.

Key Learning Points

  • Role Plays & Work Tests provide high reliability and high validity WORK TESTS
  • A sample of work similar to the real job
  • Can predict the future performance in similar work conditions
  • In a group are more challenging
  • Enable observation of applicants’ interaction with others


  • Can test interpersonal skills similar to job requirements
  • How to use role play successfully – 8 key points
  • Be consistent
  • Provide critical feedback and observe response
  • Practical tests of communication skills
  • Especially useful with people who lack work experience
  • Useful tool but not the sole factor in making a decision

This video is part of the Selection Interview Skills Series. A practical series of programs for anyone involved in interviewing. A wide range of case studies will provide useful examples for evaluation, discussion and exploration of key skills. Ideal for managers, team leaders, consultants and trainers.

Target Audience
Trainers , Executives, Manager