Responding to Difficult Events (CPD certified)

Responding to Difficult Events (CPD certified)

Tom Moore
Updated Dec 14, 2020

Human beings are pretty tough. Just watch the film 127 Hours. Based on a true story, it follows a hiker who gets trapped in a canyon and has to sever his own arm to save his life. That was certainly a remarkable way of responding to a difficult event.

Yet, difficult events don’t just mean extraordinary, life-or-death situations which involve some DIY amputation. We can all be faced with challenging events, such as job loss, the death of a loved one and serious illness. These are often highly stressful – sometimes traumatic – and many of us struggle to cope with the repercussions.

What does this course cover?

  • Identify the most difficult life events
  • Explain how stressful events affect us
  • Demonstrate resilience and coping mechanisms

Why should I take this course?

Fortunately, there are ways to help maintain our mental well-being and keep stress in check when such events occur. For example, developing supportive and positive relationships with others. Suitable for all individuals, this short course will help you build up your emotional resilience and respond more mindfully to difficult events.