Proper Introductions: In-Person Introductions

Proper Introductions: In-Person Introductions

Updated Apr 29, 2020

First introductions can go sideways pretty quickly. They can be awkward, like when you stumble over your own name or the name of your company. They can be embarrassing, like if you get introduced to someone and then completely forget their name. They can be uncomfortable, like when the person you're meeting isn't much of a talker, so you overcompensate by talking too much. Whatever the case, proper etiquette for business introductions must always be followed. If you didn't know that there is formal etiquette to introductions, then you need this course. We'll go over how to properly introduce yourself and others in a business setting. We'll talk about the order of introductions, names and titles, and give you some helpful tips on remembering a person's name.