Business Dining Etiquette

Business Dining Etiquette

Updated Aug 23, 2018

Proper etiquette makes a statement about your character and competence as a professional. In this course we'll focus on business dining etiquette and how to present your best self when meeting with clients, colleagues, partners, or even friends. Upon completing this course you will understand proper business dining etiquette for before, during, and after the meal. In addition you will understand common place settings and proper utensils. Finally, you'll learn about proper etiquette when you are hosting a meal. 

Learning Objectives

  • Attend and participate in any business meal with confidence
  • Prepare in advance to ensure you can comfortably contribute to the conversation
  • Use utensils with confidence by knowing the basics of table place-settings
  • Make the right impression by showing your host they have your undivided attention

Time to complete

30 minutes