Microsoft® Excel 2007 Macros and Modules

Microsoft® Excel 2007 Macros and Modules

Skill Path
Updated Jul 15, 2019

Course Overview

Macros and modules can be frustrating to learn on your own. Fortunately, you don’t have to! Let expert trainer Philip Wiest show you just how easy macros and modules can be. This video tutorial will show you how to create, use and debug macros—in plain-English! You’ll also be amazed how easy it is to use actual programming code with modules and put the extreme power of Visual Basic® for Applications to work for you. Modules are the key to executing functions, controlling program flow, allowing user input and so much more. No programming degree needed—this video tutorial makes it easy to learn and in no time at all you’ll take your Excel macros and modules skills to the next level.

Course Topics

1) Starters2) Fundamentals3) Absolute Versus Relative4) VBA5) Debugging6) Commands7) Custom Functions8) Forms9) Advanced10) Best Practices