Microsoft® Excel® 2010 Shortcuts

Microsoft® Excel® 2010 Shortcuts

Updated Jul 10, 2019

Course Overview

Taking your Excel® experience to the next level is as easy as counting to 10. From breaking the boredom of data entry to the magic of simple macros, you’ll see how easy it is to get double the results in half the time. With the 10 easy-to-understand lessons taught in this amazing course, you’ll realize you don’t have to speak "computerese" or be an Excel power user to create and use shortcuts that take the repetitive work out of all your routine tasks. You’ll save time, have fewer errors—and start putting the full power of Excel to work for you.

Course Topics

1) The Ultimate Top 10 Excel Shortcut Countdown2) Jaw-dropping Data Entry Shortcuts3) Sleight-of-Hand Navigation and Secrecy Shortcuts4) The World’s Fastest Formula Writing Shortcuts5) Stunningly Quick Excel Selection Shortcuts6) Instant Formatting Shortcuts and Custom Styles7) Constructing Mega-tables as Shortcuts8) The Magic of Designing Custom Templates as Shortcuts9) How to Develop Macros for Shortcuts10) The Next Step—Building Custom Functions and Best Practices