Leading Through Influence

Leading Through Influence

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Updated Jul 02, 2019

Course Overview: Leading Through Influence

Leadership isn't just a skill for managers. Demonstrating leadership is important for employees at every level of an organization. There are opportunities to lead every day, whether you hold a formal leadership position or not. In this course, our leadership and personal development experts outline how individual contributors or SMEs can exhibit leadership by influencing, inspiring, mentoring, and motivating others. 

You can learn what the best influencers do before they influence, and see how to choose the best steps for your situation, and have people want to be influenced by you.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn ways that you can add value to a meeting.
  • Recognize the benefits of including emotional impact in your stories.
  • Explain how developing a team mindset can increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Identify an easy way to reinforce expectations.
  • Recall the most important benefit of punctuality.
  • Name a feeling that might inhibit you from inspiration-based influence.
  • Assess why “pains and gains” is a powerful motivator.
  • List the steps of the advice influence technique.

Course Topics Outline:

  • A Historical Perspective of Leadership
  • Understanding Situational Leadership
  • Be the Change You Want to See
  • Being a Visionary
  • Thinking Outside the Box
  • Inspiring & Motivating Your Team
  • Appealing to Emotions
  • Influencing Skills Fundamentals
  • Setting Clear Objectives