JavaScript by Example

JavaScript by Example

This course will work through a real-world example to help you learn how you can use JavaScript to make your website or application interactive and dynamic. You will learn about the fundamentals of JavaScript and will discover the role of DOM and HTML5 Tags. The course is tailored to emerging web developers who have experience building static web pages in HTML and CSS and are now looking to go to the next level.

Updated Jan 02, 2019

In this video course, you will learn to use JavaScript by building a complex application. .You'll start by designing your web page. Then we'll teach you how to make your page interactive. You'll find out how to sketch the rough layout using HTML5 tags. Next you'll see how to fit data into the layout. This will get you started with designing your own web page. .Towards the end, you'll find solutions to all of your queries so you can become an expert in JavaScript. By the end, you'll be ready to implement what you've learned in your future projects. Style and Approach. In this video course, we focus on building a simple quiz application. By making this application, you will understand the fundamental of JavaScript, DOM, and HTML5 Tags. 

Target Audience

If you are an emerging web developer who has experience of building static web pages using HTML and CSS, then this video course is for you. It will guide you to add the element of JavaScript to make your website interactive and dynamic. 

Business Outcomes

  • Design your web page
  • Make your page interactive
  • Sketch the rough layout and fit data into the layout using HTML56 tags