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When it comes to attracting new customers, growing revenues, and reinforcing credibility and expertise, improving your team’s programming and web development skills is the way to go. With Go1’s extensive library of online training resources, learners will get access to everything from responsive web design, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and more to build their skills and contribute to business success.
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How web development courses help your employees and your business

Almost every business in the 21st century has an online presence, whether it’s social media, a website, or both. With so many people and potential customers spending more time than ever online, ensuring your website is as strong as it possibly can be is key to growing your business.

By helping your employees improve their web development skills, your business will be in the best place possible to understand consumer behaviors and allow you to capitalize.

With technology evolving at such a fast pace, it’s important to keep up to date. Regular web developer training programs will provide your web development team with all the skills and knowledge they need to be among the best in the industry.

Why learn web development?

There are three types of web developers: front-end, back-end, and full-stack, with each bringing unique skills and knowledge to a business. Each of these developers would, of course, benefit from upskilling and development.

Not every employee of a business needs to learn web development. However, it can be a useful skill for certain others to learn, particularly for those in digital marketing. The aim of digital marketing is, in essence, to attract potential customers, usually to your website. To have an understanding of web development principles is to become a more well-rounded digital marketer.

And for web development professionals, refresher training, upskilling and development will not only help them and their careers within your business, but will benefit your business overall.

Benefits of regular web development training include:

  • A better, faster, more professional website - the more your web developers know, the more they can utilize their skills to improve your website
  • Improve mobile traffic - more users browse the web using their smartphones than ever before, and iOS and Android frequently update their browser applications. Keeping on top of changes allows you to adapt quickly to improve the mobile experience
  • Reduce downtime - frequent web developer training and refresher courses help employees reduce website downtime, and therefore avoid a loss of revenue
  • An improved understanding of SEO - an understanding of web development helps put SEO practices into use
  • Improved engagement - with a solid website you’ll increase repeat customers

By providing regular training, upskill opportunities and refresher training, you develop members of your team which can potentially reduce the need to recruit, and allow you to retain the best talent - both of which save your business time and money.

How to get started as a web developer

If someone is new to web development or web design and researching how to get started as a web developer - or looking to grow their existing career - there are a number of effective ways to make that happen.

Learn the basics

There are several key tools and skills employees should know if they want to become a web developer. These include:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Choose a specialization to develop

The more someone learn about web development, the more they’ll discover where their interests and talents lie. As a result, they’ll soon realize which area they want to specialize in:

  • Front-end developers, who work on the side of the website users interact with
  • Back-end developers, who work behind the scenes on databases, networks, and hosting
  • Full-stack developers, who are comfortable with front and back-end development

There is no right or wrong path, but a well-rounded and much more desirable developer will have knowledge of all aspects.

Work on projects

There’s no better way to learn and practice skills than by working on a website. The more someone uses their skills and knowledge, the better and more confident they’ll be.

Prospective developers will want to build a portfolio of work, which they can use to showcase their skills when looking to progress their career,

How long does it take to learn web development?

This depends on whether the student have any prior experience in web development or web design. If they have some knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS, they’ll likely pick things up much quicker than someone just starting out.

By taking web development courses online, students can learn as fast or as slow as they need to. If they have the time to dedicate to learning, it should take around six months to learn the fundamentals of web development. If they’re an existing web developer looking to upskill, a course may take as little as several hours.

One of the major benefits of online web development training is that it’s completely self-directed, meaning students can learn in and around their own schedule, whenever it’s convenient for them.

How to learn web development

There are several ways students can learn the fundamentals of web development, as well as more advanced courses:

  • College or university
  • Bootcamps
  • Online courses

Due to the flexibility and cost-effectiveness, online courses are the preferred option for many students. Not only are they convenient, enabling students to learn in their own time, but can be done so without interfering with employees’ day-to-day responsibilities.

How to learn web development on your own

It can be difficult to teach yourself web development without the aid of teaching materials. For example, if students are using YouTube videos or blogs there’s no way to guarantee that the information is up to date, or even whether it was accurate to begin with.

By studying online and receiving a web development certificate, students can be confident that the training they’ve received is thorough, accurate, and legitimate.

What to learn to become a web developer

We’ve already discussed that key skills to learn include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but students should also consider learning the following if they’re just starting out:

  • CSS frameworks
  • Github
  • API
  • Authentication
  • MVC
  • Browser DevTools

Advanced and complete web development courses will also cover topics such as these, but will look deeper into each.

What are the best online web development courses?

The best web development courses may cover a range of subjects, but may also specialize in one particular field.

Beginners may be interested in an introduction to web development, while intermediate or advanced students may look to learn about modern web development, advanced CSS, or the fundamentals of full-stack web development.

For more information check out the wide selection of programming and web development courses offered by Go1.

What is the best course for web design?

Because web development and web design are closely linked, students and employees may also want to study web design to upskill.

Some of the best online web design courses include:

How much time is needed to learn web development?

As we’ve already discussed, the time needed to learn web development is dependent on the student, their experience, and the level of course they’re undertaking.

Naturally, a web development crash course will be much shorter than one on modern web design. The more time a student has to dedicate to learning, the quicker they’ll be able to finish.


Can you do web development training and work at the same time?

Yes, it’s completely possible to learn while working - and any supportive employer should actively encourage employees to do so. Online courses are designed to be done in one go or over a period of time, which is perfect for fitting in around daily work responsibilities.

Will professional web developers find online web development training beneficial?

Absolutely, from upskilling to refresher training, web developers will always benefit from training. Web development is a fast-moving industry, so there are always new skills to learn.

Learn web development online

For more information on how to learn web development online, check out Go1 and book a demo today.

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