Retro Raspberry Pi Hands-On Hardware Projects

Retro Raspberry Pi Hands-On Hardware Projects

Packt Admin
Updated Jan 20, 2020

The course will teach you how to build Raspberry Pi-based hardware devices that were cluttering up your house into iconic retro tech items. We start by explaining the process for developing your own creations before getting our hands dirty with the included projects.  

You will learn to build a fully wireless Amazon Alexa from an old calculator, a Google Assistant from an old stereo microphone, a Spotify player from an 80's radio, a smart mirror from an old TV, an HDMI-powered console from a 90's joystick, and a fully working arcade from an old monitor.  

This course assumes you have basic computer knowledge; we walk you step-by-step through videos and supply all the information you need to bring retro applications back to life. If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of hands-on computing with the Raspberry Pi and want to bring old retro applications back to life, this course is for you.  

Target Audience 

This course is for anyone who is fascinated by creating new hardware projects and needs a guided course that shows them how to build fun and cool hardware devices using the Raspberry Pi. Developers, software engineers, electrical engineers, or anyone in the least technical will find this course a great way to learn to transform old tech into new stuff with the Raspberry Pi.   No programming knowledge is assumed; however basic computer and internet skills are desirable.   

Business Outcomes 

  • Eight hands-on projects give you the opportunity to practice a skill or better understand a new concept and implement them in a real-life application 

  • Step by step videos, complete code for all the projects, and updated software solutions 

  • Every section of the course takes you through all the steps needed to finish every project, from parts and modifications to software installation and final assembly