Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy

In this course you will learn about the core concepts of corporate strategy. You'll understand why it is important to plan around your company mission and vision, and learn techniques to develop detailed strategic plans. By understanding how to apply the principles of corporate strategy, you will be able to ensure your company is successful for years to come.

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Updated Jul 23, 2019

Course Overview

Learn how to build the highest strategical plan of an organization. Define corporate goals mission and values. Build a plan of how the company will be successful in the future.

Target Audience

  • Business executives
  • Business analysts
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Business owners

Learning Objectives

  • Perform industry analysis
  • Execute competitor analysis
  • Apply the Five forces model
  • Assess the bargaining power of suppliers and clients
  • Understand the threat of substitute products and new industry entrants
  • Apply Game theory in practice
  • Study how competitors behave: Cooperation or Competition
  • Focus on the way companies acquire a competitive advantage

Business Outcomes

  • Strategic planning