Building and Managing High Performance Teams

Building and Managing High Performance Teams

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Updated Jul 09, 2019

Course Overview

There is no way to win without appreciating your team members’ unique strengths. Forgetting that teams are made of individuals with contrasting temperaments, talents, and skills is a sure-fire way to hire an unbalanced and ineffective workforce—and undercut the potential of your existing staff.

Building a successful team is about balancing people’s tendencies toward autonomy and social connection. Doing so successfully allows for creative tension, unlocks motivation, and promotes a healthy environment in which teams adapt creatively to new challenges. In this course, leadership experts explain the best ways to build a winning team.

Learning Outcome:

  • Learn how to capitalize on qualities employees value the most—trust, freedom, and play—in order to build a high-performing and innovative organization.
  • Identify the components of high-performing teams.
  • Assess and evaluate your current culture.
  • Define high performance.
  • Create a compelling vision and mission.
  • Compare and contrast communication vehicles.
  • Explain what culture is and list ways to reinforce it.
  • Identify tools for measuring and balancing results.