Azure Fundamentals: Storage Components

Azure Fundamentals: Storage Components

Updated Oct 14, 2019

Course Overview

Explore the variety of cloud storage solutions made available through Microsoft Azure including Disk Storage, Blob and File Storage, and Key Vault storage.

Learning Objectives

  • identify when Azure Disk Storage should be used
  • implement Azure Disk Storage
  • recognize the purpose of Azure Blob storage
  • create a storage account using the Azure portal
  • manage Blob storage using the GUI
  • manage Blob storage using the CLI
  • manage Blob storage using PowerShell
  • recognize when to use Azure Files
  • implement an Azure File cloud share
  • explain how Azure Key Vault is used to securely store secrets
  • use the Azure portal to create a key vault
  • deploy a key vault and store secrets in it
  • retrieve key vault secrets
  • match Azure cloud storage solutions to business needs