Anti-Harassment Training: Why Targets Don't Come Forward

Anti-Harassment Training: Why Targets Don't Come Forward

Updated Feb 18, 2019
Welcome to The Working World, brought to you by BizLibrary TV! In this video lesson, ‘Why Targets Don’t Come Forward,’ harassment consultant Sondra Callahan explains to employees at Professionals Collective the common reasons why people remain silent about inappropriate behavior they experience and/or witness at work. From fear of retaliation to a broken complaint process, there are, unfortunately, quite a few reasons why targets don’t come forward. But, by learning about them, viewers will be able to develop and enforce effective policies and empower their employees to speak up! This anti-harassment course, which was designed to comply with California law, is sure to capture your engagement while teaching you everything you need to know about workplace harassment. Special thanks to content consultant Deborah C. England, Esq., of San Francisco, CA, who kindly reviewed all harassment content with a critical and judicial eye.