Anti-Harassment Training: Supervisor Responsibilities (CT)

Anti-Harassment Training: Supervisor Responsibilities (CT)

Updated Feb 19, 2019
Welcome to Biz News, brought to you by BizLibrary TV! Today’s broadcast addresses Supervisor Responsibilities when it comes to workplace harassment. Viewers will learn how harassment negatively affects a team and organization, what it means to mishandle harassment, and how to stay alert for potential harassment situations. This broadcast also covers the issue of confidentiality and emphasizes the fact that, as agents of the organization, leaders have to be totally above reproach, no matter what. This anti-harassment course, which was designed to comply with state laws, is sure to capture your engagement while teaching you everything you need to know about workplace harassment. Special thanks to content consultant Deborah C. England, Esq., of San Francisco, CA, who kindly reviewed all harassment content with a critical and judicial eye.