A Useful Guide To Feedback

A Useful Guide To Feedback

The BCF Group
Updated Oct 24, 2019

Almost everyone at work does hundreds of things that affect the work or morale of colleagues and we in turn are affected by what others do and say to us. In a perfect world, everything we all do and say would of course be perfect. In reality, it may not

Benefits of using this Useful Guide

This Useful Guide will help you; Understand the purpose and value of feedback, Differentiate between useful feedback and hurtful criticism, Raise your self-awareness by encouraging feedback on yourself, Use feedback to motivate others, Give useful feedback, Decide when not to give feedback, and Learn from others.

Feedback: What it is

This Useful Guide is for anyone who interacts with colleagues at any level. Its objective is to help you to improve the performance and motivation of people you work with. They may or may not report to you; the principles are the same. Morale and motivation can be the difference between success and failure of a whole organisation.