Empowering Neurodiverse Talent: The Importance of Inclusivity in Learning and Development

Tue 14th Mar 2023
Building an inclusive learning culture is essential for creating a supportive work environment. Join us for a thought provoking session on the importance of inclusivity in the workplace,
Natalie McDonnell, Marketing Manager

Building an inclusive learning culture for all employees, including those with neurodiverse needs is essential for creating a positive and supportive work environment.  HR and L&D leaders recognise that nurturing employee wellbeing and growth positively directly impacts talent retainment and overall success for the  business.    
Join our panel of experts for a thought provoking session on the importance of inclusivity in the workplace, they will discuss:  

  • The key benefits of having an inclusive learning culture. 
  • How HR and L&D leaders can  support neurodiverse individuals in their organisations.  
  • Common challenges organisations face when creating an inclusive learning culture and how to overcome these.  
  • Real examples of successful initiatives.  
  • How to use technology as a tool to create and develop an inclusive L&D strategy.  
  • How to encourage buy-in from other parts of your organisation and create a culture of inclusivity that is embraced by all. 

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the discussion and ask the panel your questions!  

You’ll leave with actionable insights and a playlist of curated content to help you develop your L&D strategy to support the talent in your workplace. 

Speaker session


Kieran Howells, Head of Content - HR Grapevine


Louis Chesney, Neurodiversity Product Manager – ReThinkCare
Nick Ramsay – Enterprise Account Executive – Go1
Mandy Rutherford, L&D Manager – Wave Utilities

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