Wave Utilities: A Go1 Case Study

With engagement and completion scores falling, Wave Utilities needed a new approach to upskilling, reskilling, and retaining its 350-strong workforce. After a meeting of minds, the team chose Go1.  
Taylor Cole, Copywriter

Lost in a maze of L&D content, and with engagement and completion scores falling, Wave Utilities needed a new approach to upskilling, reskilling, and retaining its 350-strong workforce – one that empowered employees to control their own learning pathways. After a meeting of minds, the team chose Go1.  

The goals 

From the top down, Wave Utilities recognizes the impact of professional and personal growth on employee performance metrics – and the part growth opportunities play in attracting talent. This made finding the right L&D partner critical. “I select learning partners based on their values,” says Mandy Rutherford, Wave Utilities’ L&D Manager. “They become an extension of our Wave family, so they should understand what we’re about.”  

Simplifying the learning experience, and saving time and money, were high on the agenda. Wave Utilities wanted to ensure that employees had access to easy-to-use education resources in a single location. However, prior to working with Go1, this had been a significant challenge.  

Ease of integration with Wave Utilities’ cloud-based learning management system (LMS) was another important consideration, as this allows the organization to view learners’ engagement levels and learning activities at a glance. 

The approach 

Using Go1's content library to build out every part of its L&D program, Wave Utilities introduced a micro-learning approach for a range of topics. This focus on "shorter, sharper, and more entertaining" content has banished learner fatigue. 

Go1’s content is designed to support the company’s F-word program, which centers on giving and receiving feedback. This means managers and employees can turn to Go1 to address a skills gap and support growth – and quickly. 

While compliance training is critical, Wave Utilities also uses Go1’s content to encompass both professional and personal development. Mandy calls it “head and heart skills,” with job-related knowledge blending with social and interpersonal skills to create well-rounded individuals. 

The impact  

The impact of these changes has been significant. Completion rates for training have risen from 78 percent to 98 percent. This figure is well above Wave Utilities’ service level agreement requirements and has delighted auditors and the senior leadership team. 

Pull quote with the text: Previously, we were seeing completion rates of about 78 percent, but now we're at 98 percent. Out auditors are absolutely thrilled, as is the senior leadership team.

What's more, employee scores for learning comprehension have risen from 2/5 to 4.36/5 since Wave Utilities’ employees started engaging with Go1 content. More people are engaging with learning content, and they’re also getting more out of it. 

Finally, learning within the organization is now approached with enthusiasm. For the past 12–18 months that they’ve been working with Go1, says Mandy, “the content and interaction that we’re getting makes us realize that we’re at the forefront of learning.”  

Pull quote with the text: The content and interaction that we're getting makes us realize that we're at the forefront of learning

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