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EDF Renewables simplifies its learning landscape

To improve the training for their 1200 employees, EDF Renewables partner with Go1 and our diverse library of digestible training content.
Kerrie-Anne Chinn, Content & Editorial Manager

For over 35 years, EDF Renewables (EDFR) has dedicated its efforts to creating a sustainable energy economy by building and operating solar and wind energy generating projects across North America. As the company expands, Shawn and the team at EDFR have been eager to improve the way they’re sourcing, delivering and tracking training to their 1200 employees. The team selected Go1 for its extensive and diverse library of digestible training content that can be consumed easily and on-the-go. 

Go1 has helped EDFR to:

  • Consolidate their existing seven different off-the-shelf learning libraries into one single, cost-effective subscription.
  • Save over $200,000 in training vendor spend in the first year alone.
  • Surface the right content to their employees, from office to field and across multiple languages.
  • Make it available in one place through their existing LMS, Ceridian, allowing for a single source of truth for all their learning activity.

EDFR’s L&D challenges

Quickly growing to 1200 employees dispersed across North America - some in-office and many on site-based work - EDFR soon found it was using seven different content vendors just to ensure they could successfully train a diverse employee population.

Finding training material to span all areas of their business and support multiple languages was particularly challenging, and was costing a lot of time and money. Shawn knew the organization needed a new solution that could grow with them, regardless of topical need, geographical location, or language.

“Having our learning split across so many systems and providers created a real headache for me, not to mention the added cost for the business.”

Prior to choosing Go1, EDFR’s learning setup meant that users had to login into multiple systems to undertake their training, and given their diverse workforce, this option presented significant barriers to adoption. One of the main challenges for EDFR was getting staff to complete mandatory training, something to their industry, where safety is one of their core values.  

“I think my highest percentage on a quarter for getting the teams finished is 66%. So just trying to get them to complete training is the biggest hurdle,” Shawn explains.

How Go1 helped

To-date, 90% of EDFR’s 1200 employees have engaged with Go1 content, accessing everything from required compliance and specialized labor skills to leadership skills for senior management.

Moving from seven disparate vendor products to a singular solution can be a very daunting task. Shawn had this to say about the experience going all-in with Go1:

“I have been very happy with Go1,” says Shawn. “It has been a nice smooth transition through everything from start to finish." 

Shawn and the EDFR team have been impressed with the breadth of training content available in Go1. With many EDFR employees based in Québec, access to training content in French and Spanish has been a game changer.  

“One of the best-selling points for us, was that Go1 had French-Canadian content.”   

Allowing all of Shawn’s users to access the required training on the one platform no matter their language, has made a huge difference and is something Shawn is keen to continue developing through 2021.

In the video below Shawn recaps how the upscaling and performance management of EDF employees has improved and has been consolidated through L&D through education.

Keen to learn how Go1 can help you improve the way employee training is managed across your organization? Reach out to our friendly 24/7 support team anytime for a chat. 

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