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Lighthouse Group is a business transformation partnership specializing in Leadership Systems to accelerate business success and enterprise value. They have a proven system to accelerate from A to B​ and provide tools, methods and process to:

  1. Align people to strategy, culture, change and execution​ 
  2. Shape mindsets, change behaviour and improve capability​ 
  3. Build Leadership Succession and Enterprise Agility​ 

Why choose Lighthouse Group for content?

  • Low-cost, practical and flexible content to help people GROW, CONNECT and SCALE
  • Advancing Series aims to help people grow so businesses can grow 
  • Tools to help everyone connect with stakeholders in new and better ways 
  • Helps people scale their roles with systems and tools to create more freedom 
  • Accelerates transformation FROM where you are TO where you want to be 
  • Lifts team engagement and personal development 
  • Self-service model for leaders, teams or everyone 


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